2009 SRK GD Awards: Flamelord

Should be pretty self explanitory, who is the lord of all flames. The Doom Bringer, for whom it is always Tuesday.

As always original thread here


Voted GTC because I believe this award was created to designate the gayest member of SRK. I guess with that rationale I should vote for Bleet then…

Also, in b4 Adam Warlock takes votes from himself causing him to lose.


Yeah the irony in that, but that is how people voted in the thread.

Voted AW.


I voted for RoninChaos. Every time he flames someone, it is water-cooler-worthy for the next 500 years.

Oh shit…I didn’t know Adam Warlock was Black Jesus. I was wondering why I never saw him posting anymore.

lol. Why am I up there 3 times?

Because the guys that do these aren’t that bright. All you have to do is stand in the center and hold up the cookie anyway so whats the problem sweetcheeks.

Adam Warlock = nowyouknownigga = Black Jesus. This thing is fixed.

And yet he still might lost because his votes are being split into two, possibly 3.

Folks better add that shit up!

I just realized that Mystic was on there. That is a seriously sad list lol. With that and TGTC I am starting to wonder what exactly is this award even for?

GTC is easily the biggest flamer of the bunch. :slight_smile:


quiche knows what’s up.


GTC is the opposite of flaming. He’s gay, yes, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him until long after he pinned you down and ass-raped you. Lobelia is pretty flaming though.

This is the part where I get angry and call you out, right?

OMG my name change HATES your name change.


I dunno, man, I like my name change a lot. Aria made me a sweet avatar to go with it, but I’m wearing this one to hype up Mass Effect 2.

Thats a gay ass fucking name…
Lol@AW being up there three times hahahaha