2007 SNK-Capcom DFW Classic #1

I say #1 because we have a plan to do this more of the time. Once a month/twice a month at least存tarting in October安e will keep you posted.

All right we only got the 3s team tournies done because of lack of attendance something we are going to address and are in the planning stages of that.
3s Team Tourney Results (Round Robin):
1st- Team 4th Waco- orochi ryu(Yun), nmbr1krush
2nd- Team Brian- yungb254 (Akuma), Linh (Chun)
3rd place- Team Retired Yuns :rofl:- Binh(Makoto), Dark Geese(Yun)
4th place- Team G.O. :rofl: -Gualberto (Ken) , O.J. (Ryu)

Me and Sanji played a Money Match in the following and here are the results

**NeoGeo Battle Coliseum-

Dark Geese 10 (Tung-Athena), Sanji Himura (various) 0.

KOF NeoWave-

Dark Geese 10 (Young Geese, Iori, Saisyu), Sanji Himura(various) 0.


Dark Geese 10 (Champ Guile), Sanji Himura 0 (Various)

I had hella fun but I gotta get to Grad School work now and start last minute prepping for Mexico and EVO West SNK 2007.

Sanji man you hung in there your first time夸ust take it in stride DONT SWEAT IT存eriously圯very organizer goes through it

Youll make mistakes just keep your head up you know I got your back and with all of our experience, knowledge ideas and passion between you, me, NeoPenny, O.J, Eddy, and others we got something cookin!

-Dark Geese

lukus cheats at KOF games

How the hell do I cheat??? :rofl:

From how Waco Krew is responding I am sorta glad I didnt go. Better luck next time.

Bah. It was a complete success, despite the low turnout. Sure, I would have wanted a higher turnout for the bigger prize pool($4 for 3rd place), but this tourney has indicated to not only me, but OJ and DG that there is a lot of untapped potential in the community. Hopefully Octobers tourney will change more of it, and the next one after that

This was a wake up call.

CE Guile? omg die plz kthx

Great to hear you guys are starting something, at least!


CE Guile and Bison of course! Plus ST Sim if needed Josh!! :rofl:

Yeah man in whatever time I aint travelling (:rofl: whatever little time that is right!) Im trying to get this thing going!!

stop beastin
i dont even play them shits and i still would have won at least 1 match lol
and wtf ce guile lol

i talked to Sanji and do i hear this right ONLY 8 PEOPLE?!?


AE + CE characters = lamez.

Seriously, what did you expect its dfw
Remember when you used to run them tourneys at that mall? and remember how after a while 8 people seemed like a lot? well她k then:looney:

Ok lets play a game
Theres suppossed to be another tourney in October, guess how many peoples gonna show up, i mean get close to the number and win!! I say 7!

Prize to be announced


i always seemed to crunch in around 12-16 people for the weeklies. the time when it died down was about almost a year later. for me, that was a pretty decent run.

Yeah we are planning to pick this back up in October.