2002 Midwest Street Fighter Championships: ST Footage

I found tons of ST footage on VHS so I’ve started to transfer to files. I’ll update this post randomly and soon hopefully with more footage.

So to start this off, here’s the infamous machine shutoff during Watson vs. Shirts semi-finals matchup.

Tips and Tricks 2k2 MWC Coverage:


Watson vs. Shirts: Semifinals matchup and the infamous Machine Shutoff. :razzy:

you were so toasted its not even funny homie. lets see the finals though cause i know you got taught a mad lesson :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know I got toasted. It’s all good. You’re Mike Watson, #1 Arcade U.S. ST player ever…probably. lol.

That was a balla ass read. I’d love too see something like that done for the community nowadays! Good shit!

Nice stuff Shirts.


18 secs…

Don’t pull the plug on Big Daddy Watts!

Hahah, what happened?! Did someone trip on a power cord or did the board fry itself or what?

The power of Mike WATSON can not be contained by mere arcade cabinets… It can only be contained by parking lots.

thx for posting this :slight_smile:
please upload the rest! I love to watch this kind of stuff (specially matches in which Mike Watson is playing :smiley: )
keep it up :wink:

Best match ever