20 Minute Batman

10 minutes hand drawn
10 minutes digi in ps

inspired by jim lee’s batman poster pose… and ashley wood’s style

i needed a pic for the BG of a dvd for menu for batman animated series i downloaded


is there a way to watch threads on this forum (email notification)

man thats hot. You can do that by subscribing to you thread and set it so you get a popup box or email notification everytime someone reply.

sweet ty man

ps. if i lived in america i would love to get you to make a stick for me…

out of curriousity
how much would it cost for you to ship to australia… a stick that had absolutely everything i need for it to work… sept the artwork

HO-LEE Shit, dood! Now that’s NICE. Looks like Batman’s in Philly insteada Gotham, lmao.