2 Stand MPs Combo

Just real quick, can Alex link 2 stand MPs w/o counter hit? I got it to work sometimes, not sure if it is a 1 frame link or what, +5 on hit, 6 start up. Don’t know jack about frame date, just need confirmation.

Thanks all.

No, s.mp is +5 on hit so only s.lk will link. You need meaty timing or change smp to link 2 of them

i could be wrong but i dont think there are any 1 frame links, because of the input lenience or input buffer i heard the hardest link is like 3 frames or something, might be 2 cant remember. i definately havent run in to any hard links compared to sf4 (even without plinking, since it doesnt exist in sfv) hope this helps

Alex can combo 2 st.MP’s under a couple of circumstances.
1 - Counter Hit
2 - Hard Hit (V-Skill)
3 - Meaty.
As mentioned above, you cannot do a simple walk up into 2 st.MP’s in neutral. You must have done something in order for them to connect.

Yeah, it’s the meaty timing for sure that did the combo, but why does that work? What does meaty timing do?

So you need to understand frame data to get what a meaty attack is, also the term meaty is used for a couple other scenarios in game commentary.

I see the term meaty being used for two things -

Hitting an opponent on the first frame of their wake-up -
This is essentially hitting them on the FIRST FRAME they can block/press a button/walk from a knockdown, it keeps them pinned where you want them and they either have to do a reversal or a v-reversal to escape.

Hitting a normal attack on it’s later active frames. -
St.mp has two active frames altogether, so hitting on it’s first active frame gives you the normal amount of blockstun and hitstun - +5/+2 respectively. But if you were to hit on the second active frame of st.mp you put the opponent into the blockstun/hitstun one frame later than usual, resulting in a universal one frame increase to his frame data values. Meaning st.mp hit on it’s second active frame now becomes +6 and on block it becomes +3.

Makes complete sense. Thanks for the explanation and thanks to all that answered, I really appreciate it.

Meaty s. mp, s. mp xx qcf+lp is relatively common with Alex and you should go for it. Of course it doesn’t work normally in neutral

You should go for it the same way Laura goes for meaty s. mp. c. mp xx qcf+mp