2 Questions about my TE - S Stick......... LS-32 Spring and Replacement Panels. :S

Hi everyone just bought a TE S stick recently and i was wondering…

  1. Can i replace the spring in my joystick with a seimetsu ls-32 spring? i basically want a tighter feel to my joystick with out having to buy 2 springs, I’m just looking to replace the spring with another one.

  2. Can i get a whole replacement original panel for my TE - S as mine has a chip in to top of it, I don’t want new artwork or some Plexiglas, just looking for the original Black Madcatz TE-S Panel/Faceplate.

Thanks guys I think this forum is ace!!!

As far as the joystick goes, you sure can I put a seimitsu ls 55 spring in mine :slight_smile: .

Cool, that’s what i was looking for, now i know i can do that. Which spring would i buy if i wanted the tightest feel?

LS-32 spring isn’t much of a difference. Maybe by a tiny bit. I use triple springs in my JLFs and double in my LS-56s.

So, what if i just want to use one spring, which one would you say, or would i have to get lots of springs and thread them together???

You can use one spring. If you want a really tight feel using one spring you can use a longer spring and compress it in. I’m not sure how the LS-55 spring feels since I don’t own one. In the JLF I use two Home Depot springs plus the JLF spring. And the Home Depot spring kit comes with many springs but only four of them are the correct size for the JLF. There are couple other springs that are same diameter but longer and I think might be way too tight if you compress it. Best bet is to cut it to the correct size. The item number is 471864.
Looks like this


I bought those springs aswell and wasn’t doing it for me so I just got a ls 55 and 32 spring and have both in my jlf. Its perfect for me but you would want to try different set ups and see which one fits your style .

Also I was going for a tighter and spring back feel but without the stick resisting my movements

With the ultimate JLF mod I didn’t use the full 380mm on the bottom half of the actuator. I used 300mm so it wouldnt be as tight. The tightness of two home depot and JLF spring is perfect for me. I also used one of the Home Depot spring in my Namco stick. Don’t remember which one though.

Well guys thanks a lot, i think imma go with buying a LS-32 and putting it in the LS-55. I think that will work well plus it’s cheap and i can always revert back to my JLF spring. :).

But has anyone got any ideas on my second questions? :S

Wish I could help you there but I have no idea where you can just buy the cover :frowning:

You can check Trading post if anyone is selling any.

How and where do i find the “Trading Post” ?