2 questions about EVO. Still need help!

  1. How will Badge distribution work? This is my first EVO so I’m not sure. Will I receive my badge in the mail?

  2. Can I still change my Gamer Handle? I have e-mailed Mr.Wizard about this but have not received any response back.

I guess that is technically 3 questions but oh well.

Also my friend got a e-mail from Shoryuken saying that he should keep some sort of e-mail as confirmation. I never received one of those. I only have the Paypal receipt.

You need to pick up your badge at the event’s venue.
They usually start handing them out the day before and continue through the weekend.
You need an ID to pick it up, though.

Is there anyone else I can e-mail that will be able to change my gamer handle?

According to Hardc0re, MrWizard said “We don’t change handles after you register. You can change it in person when you arrive.”

Alright. Thanks!

Also, u do need a picture ID to pick up your badge, so bring something that has a picture (driver license works best)