2 Player Arcade stick Worklog

on his street corner… set up is lookin good cant wait to see the finished product…

This is gonna be dope. I can tell already. :tup:

Stole it from my neighbors land lord actually…

Lets hope i don’t destroy it :looney:

just for comparison purposes, what are the dimensions?

is it too late to cast my vote for a beer holder in the middle?

29" long x 9" Wide x 2" tall. That doesn’t take any of the curves or angles into consideration though. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend it for 2 fat guys.

There’s only room for 1, and that’s not fair :rolleyes:

ahh see now I expect more from you…

gotta think outside the box :wink:

just THINK of the possibilities :lovin:

haha. I was sitting around and started messing with the idea of making it into a pseudo candy cab type thingy.

Travel Chanel Cowboy: The Game.

Fits pretty damn well actually…Makes me want to keep it.

Awww cool… too bad you’re not in California! :slight_smile:

That would be a god tier setup, Panda.

yeah…i like owning guns too much.

:rofl: uhhh :confused:


Out of curiosity, is that thing gonna end up being really heavy? How much does it weigh now?


that’s what i’m worried about. mine is 33" and i’m worried two larger (not exclusively fat- tall and lanky could be a problem too) people might not be able to sit next to each other and play on it.

anyone know the dimensions on a Blaze Twin stick?

i’d say its at about 10 pounds…will probably be about 18 once its complete with parts.

The Angle helps a lot. i pulled a stool up to the stick sitting by my television and would have had plenty of room for one of my pals to play with me.

interesting shape, the curve is probably going to make it rather comfortable for two “normal” people to use

I think it will too. I’m now toying with the idea of making a mini cab type setup to go with it.

where do you get all this free time?

1 class 2 times a week for an hour. I have time.

Little bit of work. Mostly just trying to reinforce the joints. one of them came loose:

Start/select and all that jazz: (Weird warped photo)