2 OLD 2 FURIOUS Results [October 25, 2013]

Thanks to everyone that came out, Min & others in the NY area for initiating the idea & following through, and Arturo for streaming. And now the results for each game:

1st: EMP Hiro (Chun-Li)
2nd: HARD BREAD (Rolento; Sodom)
3rd: Anakron (Charlie)
4th: Daury
5th: DS
5th: Snake
7th: Furntree
7th: Apollo
9th: Booty Clapper
9th: Ben Fong
9th: TS Kuma
9th: Caliagent
13th: Dnyce
13th: Malik
13th: Mark R.
13th: RLBS
17th: Mojo
17th: Wayne
17th: Wyseguy
17th: JRosa

NOTE: Min had to drop out of CvS2 because it was taking too long to run with so many games being ran
1st: Caliagent (C-Kim/Chun-Li/Sagat; C-Ken/Chun-Li/Sagat)
2nd: Victor (K-Geese/Sagat/Blanka)
3rd: Daury (K-Ken/Cammy/Sagat)
4th: EMP Hiro
5th: RLBS
5th: Jeremy
7th: Snake
7th: Troy
9th: Apollo
9th: Mark R.
9th: Malik
9th: MIN
13th: Li

1st: MIN (M. Bison)
2nd: HARD BREAD (V. Rosso)
3rd: EMP Hiro (Hokuto, Chun-Li)
4th: Hyperhal
5th: Apollo
5th: Caliagent
7th: RLBS
7th: Wayne
9th: Mojo

1st: Josh C. (Boxer/Claw)
2nd: EMP Hiro (Chun-Li, Dictator)
3rd: Washed Up Scrub (O. Ken, O. Ryu, O. Sagat)
4th: Li
5th: Mark R.
5th: Caliagent
7th: Furntree
9th: Booty Clapper
9th: Faka
9th: Apollo
9th: Hanasu
13th: Wayne
13th: Ben Fong

Next Level’s Challonge Page: http://nextlevel.challonge.com/
Matches are being uploaded on Arturo’s YouTube so check them out: http://www.youtube.com/user/FGCSabin/videos