2 combos im having trouble with

s.:l: :mk: (2 hit) SA3 and standing :mp: :hp: SA3. I dont understand why they arent working.Im doing the motion right and everything. Feedback would be much appriciated.

For b+MK into SA3, they have to be crouching. Try buffering the motion during the b+MK 3, and drum your fingers over the 3 kick buttons if it hits.

MP, FP xx SA3 is a standard combo. Perhaps you’re waiting too long to cancel into SA3.

well wen i do b+mk sa3 i think u have to wait to do the sa3 till after the 2 hits hit. its more of a link than a cancel. and ive landed it on standing opponents b4. or maybe i was dreaming. eh. either way i hope i helped

http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74588 For help with overhead forward kick.

As for the standard strong - fierce - SA (whatever) try adding a hadouken or a SRK before you try and activate the super. Although theorectically they should be the same, I find its easier to cancel from special moves into supers, than from normal moves to supers. Then again, maybe u don’t want the special damage and want full super damage (although with SA3 I can’t guess why, its his weakest super)

THANK YOU to everyone for the feedback. Yeah I just wanna get the full S.A.3 damage. Ill just keep trying. :pleased:

Buffer the super motion during strong fierce. It hits, super. This is very easy on japanese sticks to me, as you have a long time to see if it hits, then super. Never do the fireball, no point. Just do it the right way all the time.

you can’t buffer during the strong fierce. you’ll get a fireball or srk. adding the fireball makes it a tad bit easier to connect.

Yeah, you can, hold down the buttons. Prevents any of that shit. And the fireball does make it easier, but its easy enough. What I mean is, like the strong fierce will chain after you press the buttons. Your button press is already over during the animation. Idk it’s hard to explain, but I get it all the time, and my execution isn’t even that good.