2-color Vinyl Dye question

Hi Guys -

I’m new here and have looked through the various threads detailing stick modding in order to learn how to customize a MadCatz TE Fightstick. Every single question I could have had was easy to find, except for one.

I am preparing to use VHT Vinyl Dye on the red bezel of the TE stick, and I can’t really find an answer to this question: Because I want to dye both the bezel and the sides blue, I purchased both white and blue vinyl dye. So while the sides should be easy enough (just spray blue on it), when I go to do the bezel I will need to apply the white first, and then the blue. In order to do so properly, do I apply the white in multiple coats as normal, allow it to cure completely and THEN start over with the blue? Or just do a few coats of white with 10 minute breaks and then start coating with blue?

The reason I ask is because the instructions say that all coats need to be done within 1 hour, and if any coats are to be applied after 1 hour then you have to wait 7 days before applying new coats.

Hopefully you guys have some suggestions/answers. I just don’t want to screw it up because I never bothered to ask.


If you have questions on Vinyl dye i suggest you check or ask this thread.

Thanks. I’ll do that.