2/21/09: Tournament Center of Augusta: SFIV Workshop--TAP Dat All Nighter

Since everyone should be taking the 21st off for the Gamestop Tourney…

Tournament Center of Augusta will be hosting an all-nighter to celebrate the SFIV Launch
Directions: Mapquest

Any further questions, text me at : 7062942447

                                                           TAP Dat All Nighter

[*]When: February 21st 2009, After the Gamestop Tourney

[*]Where: Tournament Center of Augusta
1824 Wylds Rd Suite A3
Augusta GA 30909

[*]Cost: $15 Venue Fee
$5-10 for any side tournaments

The Tournament Center of Augusta is equipped with 24 XBOX 360s and LCD screens for every system. Also, there are 8 crt based TVs (at least 32inches i believe) for any ps2/dc gaming.

Only thing we ask you bring: copies of SFIV/your own joysticks-controllers

Anyone who brings a copy of SFIV will have a station reserved for them.

If enough interest, singles/double tourneys will be run.

Food and Drinks will be available for purchase.

The Southeast has to protect its house at Final Round, so come out and share your skillz and represent!

Bonus: If we have 20+ entrants for the tourney/venue, the first 20 venue/entry fees will be instead be made a guaranteed pot.
Tournament Center is all about supporting its gamers, not just about the money.

ex.Normally 25 entrants pay $15 venue fee and enter a singles tourney at 10 bucks a head=$250 pot for tourney, $375 to the venue

Instead at TC: first 20 venue/entry fee=$500 pot for tourney, $125 for the venue

so unless 50 people enter the tourney, the gamers win

(in the case of 50 showing, tc will put additional money towards the pot for every entry past 50)

:looney:Oh Nice!! Can’t believe I’m seeing this!! This sounds really fun, you know I’m def. gonna be there!!

Yea I’ll show.

rofl this seems to be going really well :slight_smile:

its a busy day for tourneys, most likely will be all local people

whatever, hopefully i can lure in fresh blood to really learn the game after the Gamestop Tourney…

I just saying to all I am not getting behind on this one. I got mad behind on Guilty Gear. I am not letting that happen this time. Also Dru. … I own you son. As if you were my child. Put you on my taxes and ish boy. YES IMA TALK CRAP! Cause you guys gotta get hype. Tired of people not willing to get better. I been in the kitchen cooking and I am serving up huge upsets to all in two weeks.:slight_smile:

I’ll be there