2-21-09 KiT:R - Nashville, TN (SF4, SC4, Tekken, MKDC)

UPDATE January 22: Bloodline Rebellion is here and ready!

Game Galaxy
Hickory Hollow Mall
5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy
Antioch, TN 37013

Date: February 21, 2009

Registration will start at 10 AM. All tournaments will start at their assigned times below. For those of you who have been to a past KiT event, you know we are sticklers for promptness and organization, so be on time!

Tournament Games:
12 PM - Soul Calibur IV (PS3): $10 70/20/10
1:30 PM - Tekken 5 DR (PS3): $5 Winner take all
3 PM - MK vs DC (PS3): $5 Winner take all
4 PM - Street Fighter IV (PS3): $5 Winner Take all

Venue Fee: $10

The venue fee will cover each tournament and as a bonus Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion will be FREE the entire day. The arcade opens at 10 AM and will close at 10 PM, that’s 12 hours of Tekken 6 BR. That’s good even if you do not enter any of the tournaments and just want to pay the venue to get to play BR. Since there is a flat fee for all and this is a new game, we are capping win streaks at 3 games. There will of course be casuals for all the tournament games the whole day.

If you provide a PS3 for the tournament, I will pay your venue fee. There are a limited number of PS3s we can use, so post up first if you can provide one. We might need a couple copies of SCIV and SFIV as well.

Tournaments will be run standard double elimination, 3/5 rounds 2/3 matches. Winners/Losers Final 3/5 matches, Grand Finals 4/7.

Button shouldering banned in Tekken/Street Fighter, but allowed in SC4.

Algol/Yoda banned (SC4). Jinpachi banned (T5DR), Seth and Gouken banned (SFIV).


  1. All infinites BANNED. using an infinite results in a forfeit for that round.
  2. Superman gets 1 free move after dd4*1+2 but it cannot be another promove ground pound.
  3. Flash reset is LEGAL but only 1 reset in the combo is allowed. if 2 resets are done then its considered a semi-infinite and you forfeit the round.
  4. Breaker combos are legal.
  5. Guaranteed hits/combos off of the unblockable rage activation are legal.
  6. Instant kill glitch BANNED. using it results in a forfeit for that MATCH.
  7. ALL characters are legal.
  8. Random stage.
  9. Winner must keep the character they won with. you can change characters after a loss.

Also, no Food or drinks in the arcade please! There is a food court right next to the arcade where you can eat. I know it’s tempting to get something and eat while you watch your friends play, but please respect the owner of the arcade!

Sounds like this will be a blast. Any word on controller restrictions? I have been practicing/learning stick over the past year but I am leaps and bounds better on a pad. The only thing I might do is map Punch*3 to a shoulder for ultras.

I’m inclined to do it however Final Round is doing it. I’ll look into that.

Sorry for being a noob, but what’s Final Round?

Big annual tournament in ATL


They have a ban on shouldering. Hmm, I’ll say no to it then.

Good call, macros are for scrubs.

Is it OK to run side tournaments for other games?

No. Space is too limited in the back console area. You’d have to be able to set it up somewhere else on the other side of the arcade.

Thanks fs :tup:

Guess I better get a ton of practice in. I still plan to come represent though.

Noob time again: What does KiT stand for?

Kumite in Tennessee

Damn, I just saw this! I just moved to TN and it’s been awhile since I’ve had any competition in a fighting game. I might have to start checking this stuff out on a more regular basis.

Check the TN thread in the matchmaking section. Game Galaxy is the best arcade in TN, there’s a good number of fighting games as well as TVs for console play. You should go there whenever you have chance.

I hope we have enough SFIVs…

We should have enough.

If you guys need more TV’s, SFIVS, or 360s. I’ll be glad to help.

It says you are in Nashville. Do you come to the arcade?

We would only need a copy of SFIV if you have it for PS3.

Yeah. Im usually seen hanging around the arcade. Im gonna get it on the PS3

So will we have to bring our own controllers? Sorry if this has been covered. I checked the OP but didn’t see anything.

I ask because I own a 360, so i have no ps3 controllers, and I don’t plan on buying a controller/stick for ps3 just for this tourney.

Yes, you will have to bring your own controller/stick. If you want to use a pad you can use mine. A stick might be harder to find, since I do not own one.

Hmmm, I may have to use your pad then. I would actually rather use stick for this tourney for the practice, but I don’t have a ps3 stick.

One last thing about the Pads. If there is a button, say, Light Punch, mapped to a shoulder by default, is that ok? Like if i wanted to hit LP on the shoulder, then MP and HP on the face of the controller with my thumb, would that be ok?

MK vs DC added to the games roster.