2/11 Game Zone X Cvs2 Results

CVS2 Results

1st Alex Valle (Ken/Blanka/Sagat-C)
2nd Jason Cole (Vega/Cammy/Sagat-K)
3rd Jason Wilson (Honda/Bison/Blanka-C)

How many showed up?

Sorry I couldn’t make it out. Had to spend the day at the hospital. And what is this 1st place Valle, 2nd place Cole business. It’s like 1998 all over again.

–Jay Snyder

16 showed up…4th was Albert (Pigadoken) 5th was a tie between Warren (Evil Elvis) and Albert’s friend who I can not recall his name right now =( …

Pimp Willy can help with the other results, he has the bracket for Ranking Battle…

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what’s her name HONEY JAL HONEY JAL

good shit to shirts my fellow montebelloian and mr. ross.

Great matches to watch. Cole fucking beasted me ;

good shit to dreamtr for actually hosting a cvs2 tourny.
i don’t want to be a bitch but i probably won’t head out there again for cvs2 since those sticks were terrible imo.

old men beasting on all comers, wtf, cole 2nd, even dreamtr beasting. EWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no RC’s for the win!

misterbean: it’s cool, glad you showed, though…

Just look at it from old men point of view, some of us can’t play on 360s, and some people are not used to switch sticks…I’ve had this problem for YEARS since I hate 360s, but we keep em on 3rd Strike, but need em on this cabinet for ST when we change out the boards…

Sabin: We are old…old men so far have taken all 3 tourneys we have hosted in the past two weeks…Ken I is the only one to bust in top 3 on ST/CVS2/3S…The others have been Valle, Cole, and me so far…

even though i suck at 3s i’ll probably show up for a 3s tourny since those sticks were pretty good.

I’ll post full results in the morning, I just got back from disneyland and am fucking tired.

GGs to all though. You really gotta at least up those sticks to Competitions. I personally didn’t have any problems on them, but I think the general census was that the winner of this tournament, who dominated everyone, was the sticks. I feel bad for the people who play A who couldn’t pull off their ccs.

But look at it this way: SoCal CvS2 was so hungry for a tournament, that we drove out to the middle of the valley to play on a small machine huddled in a corner hidden behind a 3s machine on sub-par sticks, and we got 16 players (including most of the big names). Thats dedication.

At least next time can’t you switch the 2 cabinets places, so the CvS2 isn’t right against the window? That way people standing behind the players can at least watch the match instead of 3s casuals. The best was when Bill started commentating the match via his cellphone to someone, which we basically needed to do to people in the back.

The Return Of The King

in the olden days, b4 console, you had to adapt (in this case shoulda changed grooves) to your sticks when you went to arcade tourney, and didn’t always know when they will be good or not. hence why ps2 cvs2 is now the general preferred, so everyone can bust their A groove CC’s.

god stick >***

dreamtr needs to throw those marvel tournies…

yes to maximize our potential.

What? You scrub, Happ Ultimates are the new p360s fool.

this is bill

valle only won because he got lucky and didn’t have to play me

I had this big long reply, and the computer froze! Anyways, thanks to everyone who showed, and I saw some people doing 50+ hit A combos in the tourney with ease, the sticks did work, but if you are used to 360s and try to play on Ultimates, they are not the same…these are better for charge characters IMO and we will go out for the COMP sticks in around a month, but these will be on the for the next tourney.

People complain about all sticks, even the 3s one. Both sets work, but it’s preference and getting used to them, that’s all…every arcade tournament I have ever been to there are stick complaints because of preference, so it’s no biggie =)

Full results:

  1. Valle
  2. Cole
  3. Wilson
  4. Albert
  5. Bill
  6. Warren
  7. James
    13)Steve F
  8. Steve R

Notable matches:

First round: Valle vs Warren (warren gets sent to losers)
Second round losers: Rick vs Warren (Family Battle)
Second round winners: Valle vs Albert (Albert wins coin toss for side, but still loses the match in a near comback. Was this the full parry super + follow up fierce -> super match?)
Losers Semis: Warren vs Wilson (Wilsons Honda overhead splashed 1 1/2 characters to death)
Losers Finals: Wilson vs Albert (Roll -> Super for the comeback. Old school vs New school crowd chanting. Albert had this game on lockdown, with 80% life vs 5% life on the anchors. After some intense turtle/poke rounds with the previous characters (including a match where the 2 characters just stared at eachother for 20+ seconds, each with full meter), everyone was antsy. Albert then eats a roll -> direct elec super, then a few pokes, and is down to <5% vs <5%. Albert throws a low point blank fireball, which is jumped over and roundhoused for the win.)

Thanks DreamTR for throwing SoCal’s only real cvs2 tournament in forever…

That was a fun tournament. I couldn’t get used to those sticks but thats no excuse, next time I’ll just have to play alot more patient and range with those sticks, just like it was ST lol… you’re right … 360s are easy mode compared to happs.

Honestly the sticks weren’t so bad but I had more problems blocking than with execution. A few times I would hold downback and still get hit by a sweep.