2/10/08 Nagano CvS2 Tourney

Pool 1

GPM - N-Morrigan, Balrog, ZANGIEF/N-Ken, Balrog, ZANGIEF/N-Chang, Raiden, ZANGIEF
GunterJPN - A-Zangief, Blanka, BISON
Nogai - C-Sagat, Dhalsim, ROLENTO
Jack - C-Sagat, Sakura, CAMMY
Gori - A-Iori, Maki, ROLENTO
Nogai vs. Jack

Pool 2

D44 - A-Bison, Blanka, VEGA
Shinra - A-Sakura, Rolento, BISON
DIK - A-Sakura, Iori, CHUN LI
Mulder - C-Chang, Guile, ROLENTO


Best record in each pool - A
2nd Best - B

Pool 1 A vs. Pool 2 B

Match for 3rd
Losers of Semifinals

Grand Finals
Winners of Semifinals

Tourney results

[]D44 AGAIN:rolleyes:
]GunterJPN “I’ve lost to Bas and ONLY Bas in 4 consecutive Singles Tournaments… all over Japan!”
[]Mulder “For there are no Changs in Nagano, and the streets are paved with cheese…”
]Nogai “…”

Great stuff, thanks for taking the time to record and up all these matches.

Good shit Gunter.

Nggas rocking A-Iori now…

I don’t like it.

You’re such a beast Gunter

Cammy’s puch throw takes too long recover.

Cammy’s kick throw is better vs quick roll/safe fall grooves…:confused: