1st Annual UMVC3 Tournament (Wenatchee, WA)

General Information:

Thank you for your interest in our 1st annual Ultimate Marvel vs.
Capcom 3 tournament. Our purpose and goal is to compose a team of
competitive players to represent the city of Wenatchee in the
upcoming world’s largest fighting game competition Evolution
Championship Series (Evo for short). This championship series being
held in Las Vegas, Nevada, brings together the best players from
around the world. It is at this tournament where unknown players can
become instant celebrities in the gaming community and compete for
the chance to be crowned champion. Our passion for gaming has
brought us here to make new friends, develop new skills, invite local
businesses and our communities for support. See you on the 21st.

  • All ages welcomed. Entry fee of $5.00 gets you into the tournament.
    Last minute entries are subject to a $10.00 entry fee. Tournament fee
    is non-refundable and non-transferable, but will go entirely towards
    food and cash prizes. Entry fee can be paid in advance at your local
    Godfather’s Pizza beginning January 01, 2012.

  • All participants shall park on the south end of the building next to the
    Travelodge to accommodate parking space for Godfather’s business.

  • Strictly no outside food or drinks allowed (they will be provided).

Tournament Rules:

  • Players must register online via Facebook prior to tournament date.
    This will provide a figure towards cost of food and drinks for all

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. For that matter, players
    will abide by the rules or risk being disqualified from the tournament.

  • Tournament will follow double-elimination guidelines. Matches will
    consist of best 2 out of 3. Winner’s and loser’s finals, best 3 out of 5.

  • Both XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 systems with games will be accessible
    to players. In the event of a 360 player vs a PS3 player, matchup will
    partake on a PS3 with an XBOX 360 to PS3 USB Wired Controller

  • Tournament rules are subject to change with or without prior notice.
    For more general information and/or sponsorship, please visit:

I’ll be there :slight_smile: