1999 mode? (Forum look bugging out)

I know I ain’t the only one that’s been noticing this.
But lately, whenever clicking around in a forum (whether General Discussion or one of the threads within), all the fancy styles and such do not load right and everything looks like the most basic-as-hell of websites from years ago (just text and shoddily-placed images). Refreshing the whole page seems to fix it, but sometimes clicking again within the forums (either to another topic or a page within a topic) may have the problem show up all over again.

I’m using the standard theme, by the way.
Haven’t tested this with other browsers, been using Chrome.

Been having that same problem on occasion. I’m using the Solarized Dark Theme, I’m also on Chrome.

But in addition to that, on occasion I’ve been randomly getting the “Something has gone wrong” page popping up instead. Refreshing also fixes this though.

Happening to me too…on desktop and mobile.