1994 Capcom Official SSF2 Tournament -Super Just Games- Northbrook, IL

Hi all!

I havent posted on here in years and it couldnt be timed better. For some this may be considered the holy grail of footage from back in the glory days, and just in time before the tournament at Nickel City.

I have dug up footage from the first ever official United States tournament from Superjust Games (now Nickel City) from 1994. It is over an hour of documentary/commentary filmed by a fellow Minnesota crew member who incidentally no one has heard from in over 10 years.

For people who were too young at the time to know or appreciate this footage, it came at a time when Super Street Fighter was very new. It wasnt welcomed as well as Capcom hoped Im sure due to the severely slow playing speed.

Some highlights of this footage include Mike Watson kicking my ass in the final round (bastard) sup Mike, and also some classic comments from him as well.

By far the best part of this footage is the elusive beta version of Super Turbo. There is about 10 to 15 minutes worth of footage. Check out the screen explosion when someone gets KOd by only a special move, not a super.

Many people in the community of course know some of the Minnesota crew, but you will see many people that havent been around for over 10 years (none of which even play anymore unfortunately). There is much coverage from two brothers named Jake and Alex who at the time were only 12 and 14 years old. You get to see Jake, the 12 year old, kicking ass in the beta Super Turbo. I was amazed at how I forgot just how good some of the youngsters were back then. This was mainly due to only a couple key competitive players who somewhat molded the Minnesota play style and got us on the map. This molding was also the same reason why I lost to Mike having no experience against Guile at the time was my demise. Theres also no doubt in my mind that Jake could have very well been a Justin Wong equivalent if he just had stayed with the gaming scene.

Id also like to add that after watching this for the first time in 10 years I cant believe how cocky I seemed so please no one take offense. I guess we were all there to prove something though. Mike Im sure youll get a kick out of yourself too. There is also footage of Eddie Ferrier and Steve Warwick. Steve isnt shown but gameplay between us is. There is a lot more footage of people I have no idea who so if someone recognizes them lets hear it.

Additionally the cameraman did interviews with random people, some from Minnesota and others from the Chicago area. There was even a guy who I think said he was from one of the Midwest states who said Theres life and then theres Street Fighter. Its hilarious.

Well, it might not be what everyone wanted to see, Hyper Fighting, but it should easily be a close second. I cant wait to start commenting back and forth with everyones thoughts. Oh, and one last thing, since someone will surely comment about why the hell I was doing so many low short kicks, I dont have an answer for you. =/ The whole thing was definitely nerve racking to say the least.

The vids consist of 10 parts. If you just want to watch the matches or the beta footage I also uploaded those by themselves. Unfortunately some of the footage between Mike and I aren’t complete. It must have been due to low battery or switching tapes. Regretably the final matches are not complete. I’m not too concerned though since I got raped. =)


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Other than that, you’re going to satisfy quite a few people with this classic footage.

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I remember reading about this in Gamepro–specifically the Gamepro ST strategy guide which I still have.

It was the first glimpse I ever had into the world of the SF scene. Good memories…


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Funniest part ever is that MWC STILL uses those same cabinets. LOL


Cocky little bastard playing that ST beta.

We were definitely competitive back then!! =)

These are great! The guy doing the filming is awesome.

Jesse Howard vs. Mike Watson: “Beautiful combo from the LA guy…I thought I saw him on the news looting something.”:rofl: 2 years after the LA riots…topical humor at its finest.

I like how no one is teching throws. :slight_smile:

you know its old school when people go crazy after x6 shorts go into a dizzy

PS your fei long flame kicking thru low tiger shots is pretty sweet

no techs till ST bro lol. shows how young some of you cats are :frowning:

lol slim watts you shady :china: how you still shit talking after all these years. too good.

I wasn’t even there and I’m already nostalgic. Awesome footage!

big papa watts

Thanks for the videos. While HF might be the best game among the old school ones*, Super is still a nice fighting game. Whatever footage of CE, HF and Super is welcome.

*IMHO, best of all time

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Thanks for the vid man.:pray:
If only I had a time machine it would be open season lol.
Thanks for taking the time to post this.

Ahh yes the good ol days, the early 90’s… Thanks for posting some nostalgia.

and wow on the Beta ST Video. “Win an underdog victory!” lol

wow, I remember reading the Game Pro back when I was in 5th grade summer school class (not doing my work of course) n shit about this, I remember trying out those “Championship Combos” or whatever they called em, lol, those were the days.