17 yeard old twin girls meet old man on sugar daddy website, tie him up and rob him

Blah blah blah pussy, blah blah blah pedestal.

Twins though


pics of girls, please

for fap-…research…for research.

I’m trying to figure out if the 84 year old actually thought these 17 year-olds would do any bidding he desired.

Or if these 17 year olds knew exactly what they (she? according to article) were doing and were straight up out to rob old dudes.

I’m guessing the second.


She gave every old man hope.

I knew someone was gonna bring that up. Raz0r, you don’t fool me. LoL


Maybe it was his fetish to be ziptied

I was literally just watching this

He mad


So. The twins pretended to go on a date with an elderly man, but instead they tied him up and took his money? I guess you can say they…Double-Crossed him.


Shaina and Shelaine… I bet one of their middle names are Lynn, they have horribly bleached hair with roots, and bad tatoos.


stronk pun m8



Dunno why am surprised they black with dumbass names like that but honestly was thinking dem bitches be white. They is also a pic of her sucking a dick lol.

She looks like Wanda Sykes with a worse attitude.

Oh man, did anyone else LOL at that part? I bet she’s serious too.

Time for a google image search.

I just want to know who walks around with $420 cash in their wallet?

Old people, that’s who.

No…old dudes are the main ones holding up lines in supermarkets with their fuckin’ needing a debit card to buy $8 worth of food, but have to keep interrupting the transaction to make jokes with the female cashier like he’s working up to get dem digits.

Niggas, male or female, are always fucked-up in the logic department.