$150 to spend on arcade stick

Ok I have an Xbox SE with sanwa parts, and an xbox TE, neither are dual modded.

I recently got a PS3 and I want a stick that works with my PS3 and have one so I can bring to tournaments that are run on PS3.

I have up to $150 this holiday season. How would you spend it? I can’t solder anything, and saving money is always a plus.

I was thinking a Qanba Q4 since it’s dual modded.

Or an eightarc ps3 ebony and save some money.

Or try and find a TE for $150.

I also like HORI’s but am having trouble finding something in that price range for PS3, the one with 6 buttons is out of the question, i like having 8 buttons for little thing like the mvc3 menu etc.

What would you get and am I missing something? Thanks!

I personally like the Q4. It really covers all your bases quite nicely. It has a very similar build quality to the TE, full sanwa and dual modded comes in handy.

Unless you can find a Qanba Q4 in store for under $150, your idea won’t work… You have to pay shipping costs and even in the US shipping for a joystick is usually at least $20 ON TOP OF what you’re already paying for the joystick…

Right now – unless you can find a Mad Catz TE online with a 25% discount or better PLUS free shipping --, the only joystick that sells for under $150 in-stores (in the US) that’s a pro-level stick is the HRAP V3 SA. It already has all-Sanwa parts, is PS3/PC/Mac-compatible… HRAP V3 SA’s retail for generally $129.99 in-store/online unless the vendor marks up (which IS legal).

HRAP V3 SA’s are unfortunately harder to find in-store (Micro Center’s do carry them in-store) than the Mad Catz TE and the stock online (everywhere) has been generally lower this past year. Even Hori doesn’t have the HRAP V3 SA in-stock on its own website now but advance word is that new-production HRAP V3 SA’s are coming later this month to online vendors.

I have also not been reading/hearing about a bunch of online discounts, either. There seem to be fewer of them this year for joysticks.

You will not find a brand-new multi-console joystick in the US for under $150… Especially if it has to be shipped in the mail.

People charge extra for dual-modded joysticks and for good reason… They have to buy a new PCB or solder a new one onto the existing joystick and these things aren’t as cheap as they used to be! It also takes considerable work to successfully solder joysticks and people should be paid for their effort.

What about this? http://eightarc.com/qanba-q4-black? its technically $160 with shipping so you’re point is correct, but does that change your mind at all?

You could look into the TE Kitty.

TE-Kitty for both your SE and TE, that way you have sticks you already own AND they can work on the PS3 you just got.

Or dualmod this wich is a pretty good stick for a bargain

As others have mentioned, if you have a hex driver, screw driver, scissors and a hobby knife, you can dual mod your TE quite easily. With the SE you will need some heavy duty wire cutters to hack away at some plastic, but you can use the TE kitty on that as well. Actually if you don’t mind repositioning the PCB somerewhere else, you might not need heavy wire cutters, just a lot of zip ties.

That way you can have 2 dual console compatible sticks for about $120.

I highly suggest that you check it out.

Here is the PDF for installing that.
TE Kitty.

And if you have a TE-S then you need the TE-S harness since it is slighty different.

Can I ask a question? Everyone here is recommending the TE Kitty but it looks to me like the TEasy is easier to install. I don’t want to screw up my sticks though I am moderately handy (built computer/fixed xbox rrod). Is there a reason everyone is recommending the TE Kitty over the TEasy? Is it just because the TEasy is out of stock? Thanks

honestly, both are about as easy to install.
In my experience, the TE Kitty is less error prone, a friend with a TEasy has had to re-open his stick on several occasions (including tournament) because it shifts and the pins don’t line up. This won’t happen with the TE Kitty because of the way it connects.

You’d be surprised how many Gamestops still have stacks of Original and Round 2 TE sticks in their stock rooms (and not anywhere on the sales floor) I got my round 2 there a while back and it was only $129, and they still had a bunch more.


Have your XBox TE dual modded. Support the community.

I just know a few people that have had their sticks dual modded and they’ve ended up screwing up. You guys have pretty much talked me into getting the TE Kitty and making it work. Thanks for the input, saving some money this way, unless I decide I need some new buttons too. We’ll see :wink: Thanks

I’m in the new Hampshire Area. If you have a gamestop near you, you could always request they transfer one over. I was in the Gilford, NH one today to pick up a $20 PSN card to take advantage of the SSF4 costume pack sales and out of curiosity I asked if they still had a bunch in the back. According to my bud who works there, they still had quite a few.