13th Cooperation Cup

The 13th Cooperation Cup, will be held on 1/11/2015 @ Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

More info will be posted in the future as it’s gathered. This is the big leagues.


wow thats pretty cool! looks up prices for flights to tokyo

<3 Another year.

Hopefully i can make this one fingers crossed

1700 round trip from Alaska


can we get a roll call/status for players who might go?

I’ve gotta see if I can get the time off work and figure out a budget. I’m sitting at maybe but leaning towards yes.

Myself and Mintchip are looking at going for this one. No better tourney to attend at this stage of the game. Hope many of you board lurkers can get yo money and gather to battle the gods.

Maybe… Will need to sit down and figure out if I will have the vacation time

This time… I’m probably going. I want this to be the best edition ever :smiley:

Please come everyone. Message me for help.

Especially mami

can someone tell me why a few of the players (yakkun, K.O and the Remy player) dress like arabs? is it because it’s hot in the venue or something haha?

I don’t know about K.O, but Yakkun and Pierrot (along with Genki and Kokujin iirc) attended a big 3s tournament in Kuwait some 2-3 years ago and kept those clothes as a memento

yeah there’s a video of K.O too in arab clothes and I guess that makes sense, very polite of them haha

they’re arab princes who were sent into hiding as babies.
they recently returned to their homeland and discovered their heritage.

RX, Vanao, Genki, Kokujin, Pierrot and Yakkun iirc, not KO, KO dresses exclusively in ‘One Piece’ shirts

Mmm I’m sure I saw one video of KO dressed as an arab or maybe not, I remember one video where K.O looked like rambo rofl in 2004 or something

Imma keep one eye on the website.

I’ll help with the players and teams names like previous year. Pretty sad can’t join this year as well :frowning:

Here’s your first Coop Cup challengers! B)

  1. ノーゲーム・ノーライフ - No Game No Life
    Yukito (OR), Taiyo (MA), TAX (EL), Anohito (RY), Kusumi (DU)

PS Looks like the deadline to register is December 21.