12 minute sketch, colored and stuff

Uh…here. It more than likely sucks ass, but that’s what you get drawing in a moving truck. It was supposed to be someone else, but the face structure came out wrong and I didn’t have time to correct it, so I made it into a barechested version of SF EX’s Allen Snyder, without sideburns. Didn’t wanna make him look like a hippy. Eh…teh suck.

pretty good man…4 minute sketch:evil:

why spend 12 minutes on a fucked up drawing and spend 45 doing all the photoshop crap to it? makes no sense in posting…same goes for the supposely 4 minute one.

I got bored…so I went through my sketchbook, saw the drawing from last week, and said…hmm, looks like crap. HEEEEY, I bet Photoshop can save this shit. And there it is. Better than just the sketch.

jesus himself coulnt save that drawing. you should of just redrew it till you got it right. photoshop will never save a bad drawing unless they make a “Pimp out drawing” filter.

lol sweet…

this is a 2min pen sketch that I did at work while my bosses back was turned… have fun rippin’ it sweet because I know how much you just “love” anime… XD

DA GAME wants to know why are you dissing Rhio’s work?If he says that’s his best work then that’s his best work & it took him 12 minutes.Don’t shoot the guy down about his stuff.Now here’s a lil’ something that took DG 2 days to finish

please don’t show that picture again, since we all knew you ripped the pose off of Jim Lee’s Valiant comic art.:lame:
and flossing it like as if you’re proud of it is even lamer…

DA GAME apologizes KINGDOM.Yeah that pic sucked & DG wasn’t proud of it.However…click attachment

what does the D and the A stand for…

Sweet is always this harsh… better he get put in his place than to go on thinking that it’s some great work of art. I’ve been put in my place plenty of times and even by Sweet. Here’s a good, honest critique for ya’ … good study anatomy.