12/04/2010 Round 2: It All Depends On Your Skill! SSF4/T6/BB:CS @ RJ's Corner


  1. Rex0r (Balrog, Rufus, Seth, Ryu) ($70)
  2. Kurasa (Sakura, Balrog) ($20)
  3. Hellhawk (Balrog, Dudley) ($10)
  4. Blicen
  5. Mune
  6. Dok
  7. Glty
  8. Bill
    10 Entrants

Shoutouts to Balrog.
Shoutouts to Hellhawk for being a boss then cracking under the pressure!

T6 RR (4 Entrants)

  1. Blackbear (6-0) $40 (Lili)
  3. Gllty (2-4)
  4. Ultrasimmons (0-6)

BB:CS is canceled due to lack of interest. :frowning: 2 People showed up.

Shoutouts to everyone who came out. It was a fun tournament.

Shoutouts to Jeff for beating dat DOUBLE JEOPARDY.
Shoutouts to random seeding.
Shoutouts to Jeremy/Hawk for being a choke artist and not having more than one character against Balrog specialists.
Shoutouts to Happ Controls.
Shoutouts to Papa Vito’s pizza.
Shoutouts to Rex, who cannot be controlled or contained. (You can’t take that beer outta here. “The hell I can’t!”)
Shoutouts to Illinois for taking home 2/3 money spots in SSFIV.
Shoutouts to counterpicking.
Shoutouts to Gllty for putting Missouri money into the Illinois economy.
Shoutouts to Koga for failing it at Sonic CD.
Shoutouts to Josh for remembering how to play SSFIV.
Shoutouts to me for forgetting how to play SSFIV.
Shoutouts to short short xx super > kaelan in 3s
Shoutouts to Blackbear being godlike.
Shoutouts to people ditching the tournament, including people texting me and wasting my minutes to say they’re coming and not showing up at all.
Shoutouts to Ultrasimmons/Steve Klotz. God-bro-tier!
Shoutouts to shoutouts.

Stay free.

im guessing nothing got recorded correct?

and with all that fancy tech…

lol, no, no one brought a recording setup and considering we’re funding this shit out of pocket… yea

WTF you talking about? I didn’t fail and I’ve never played that one before. And like I hit the game over screen. lol

Nationwide SuperStreetFighter 4 Challenge from the Best in Boston

We just held a successful Super Street Fighter Tournament here in the Boston area. We firmly believe we have the best players in the country and we would like to compete against players in other states. I read your thread and I am interested in communicating about competing. Please contact me so we can discuss the possibility of a tournament/state to state competition. Here is my email amarkeiller@gmail.com.

wtf u don’t have money.

u guys couldn’t use a spare cpu to record?