12/04/03 CVS2 Results @ The Break (NJ)!

Hey was suppose to be MVC2 but Ed bounced early and mad people were playing CVS2 so we organized this with the swiftness, CVS2 tournament next week FREE ENTRY CASH PRIZES why wouldn’t you come??

  1. Robert Sigley - K Hibiki, Sagat, Ken (2)
  2. Phi “P Neezy” long - N Rugal, Yamazaki, Sagat (2)
  3. Viet - C Terry (2), Ryu, Ken
  4. Steve Lu - C Terry, Blanka, Sagat (2)
    5a. That guy who plays 3s and turtles a lot with Ibuki - Team shoto
    5b. That other guy who plays 3s and turtles a lot with Urien - C CBS
  5. Ten - Ryu (2), Ken (2) (he plays DDR really good tho!)

Thanks for all that showed up, NJ is dead right now in regards to SF let’s breathe some new life into this

next time we meet im playing u with tron on point


hey hevad, why don’t you ny guys come by? semester should be done by then, eh?

yeah maybe during the next monthly ;o

Phi taking 2nd in cvs2?? man whats the world comin too!!! Merry Christmas Phi:lol: I have some news to share with bro Ill call ya Sunday or Monday!!


I’ll play you tron on point vs tron on point :slight_smile:

it’s a deal, prepare to get infinitely air dashed