11/9 Complete UCLA Results

2-on-2 3rd Strike (15 teams)

1st-George Posadas “Gee-O”/Michael Fauson "pyrolee"
2nd-J.R. Rodriguez/Adolfo Luevano
3rd-John Doberne “Rockefeller”/Vic
4th-Mike Watson/Martin Vega

MvC2 (26 Entrants)

1st-David Lee
2nd-Amir Amirsaleh
3rd-Jose Garcia
4th-Cesar Herrera

CvS2 (30 Entrants)

1st-Peter Rosas "Combo Fiend"
2nd-Alex Salguero "SiN’
3rd-Ernest Huang "Yumi Saotome"
4th-Fortino Montes

ST Round Robin (12 Entrants)

1st-Mike Watson
2nd-Amir Amirsaleh
4th-Mike Gardner “Mike-C”

GGXX (10 Entrants)

1st-Peter Rosas "Combo Fiend"
3rd-Ernest Huang "Yumi Saotome"
4th-Romel Shaheed “Chaotic Blue”

I was really unhappy with this tournament. We had to run Marvel on one machine for the most part due to lack of a technician on hand and having to run CvS2 on one machine when there were supposed to be 2 was just pure torture. Next time will certainly be better…

What did people think of the Third Strike tournament format? Did people like round robin ST? Just wanna hear some feedback for future tournaments…

team format for 3s was cool. i wonder if everyone would have entered if it was singles. 30 peeps is a good turnout. lots of good players. best of five rounds was kinda bunk.

ok, here are my complaints. overall, sin, combo, you guys run tourneys decent. problem areas: not announcing how many matches for each bracket?? example: 3s team tourney: 1 match then it becomes 2/3?? then it isnt?? wtf? cvs2: not announcing losers is only 1 match… then i lost to someone cause i totally fuck around thinking i can smoke this guy next game with my real team?? i dont know man… seems kind of wack…

I had a lot fun :slight_smile:

Personally I preferred the Round Robin Tournament to bracket format. Here is a brief commentary of the ST tourney :slight_smile:

We ran the ST tourney Round Robin, then Final 4 fought in brackets.

The Round Robin results were:

Participant: Win/Loss

Watson: 11/0
Amir: 9/2
Dick C/Mike C: 8/3
Reza-O: 7/4
Sin/KenI/Junior: 5/6
Ernest: 4/7
Mike K: 3/8
Darryl: 1/10
David L.: Forfeit

Then we were going to have Number 1 fight number 4, and number 3 fight number 2 but we had a tie. So Dick C and Mike C duked it out to see who fights Watson in the bracket matches. And then the breakdown in the brackets was(best out of 5):

Watson - Dick C: 3/1 matches
Amir - Mike C: 3/1 matches

Then we had:

Watson - Amir: 3/1 matches
Dick C - Mike C: 3/1 matches

In this case Mike C lost and got 4th. Then we had:

Amir - Dick C. : 3/0 matches

Dick C. got 3rd. And Amir went back to battle Watson. He had to win 2 sets to win, and Watson had to win 1. Amir lost to Watson in the first set 2/3 matches.

This was the most fun I have had in an ST tourney, and I thought since it was round robin, it was a pretty fair representation of the skill level of the players, as opposed to the bracket format.

2 on 2 third strike was fun.

I’ll second that :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That would be me ^_^. But hey, ask some people coughCole cough; I’m not quite as bad in CvS2 as you might think.

Though I admit, during the last 4 games en route to third place I played like shit. Kept messing stuff up…that was dumb.

That tourney was cool, but yeah, they really needed more machines.

The coolest moment though, was Alex announcing “Ernest just pimped ID in GGXX! And it was only his second time playing” :lol: If you could post those vids online, that would kick ass…I want to re-evaluate my 1337 Faust tactics :lol:

yo man, i am seriously not here to diss you. you seem like a cool guy and all, but i was playing at a real casual level, and if i knew it was a one game match. you wouldnt have won dude. sorry man, im not bragging and all, just this fucken tourney was a little poorly run and shit was never set straight by the directors.

btw, sin, combofiend, i know you guys try, but at least get a working mic dogg!! fuck…


I cant believe my name isnt up there. Oh well, its my own fault.

Still bitter. :frowning:

oh yeah, get a new mic! hehe

I also hadn’t been to ucla since they rearranged the layout of the arcade. Its way too cramped where the games are.

Should spread the games out in between the filler games.

Cheap ass Adolfo. :mad: :mad: :mad:

I didn’t see it as such.

You probably would’ve won, I grant you that. I played like shit. Had you won, I don’t doubt that you would’ve gotten 3rd instead of me.

Though that’s all cool. I hope to play you again :slight_smile: Especially in ST…you’re gonna have to teach me how to play it sometime. Learning from Sloppy can only get me so far.

Stop being a moron.
You’re impressing noone by bragging, If you think you’re that good, lets play for money.

Everything was fine for me. I heard them announce everything. My only complaint is to hire people that know how to fix the sticks for MvC2! Man, they broke within the first couple matches and no on was able to fix it. That sorta slowed MvC2 down. But everything else was cool.

freaking a dude, fukn saif. u know i was sooooo pissed off when i found out that i had no ride to UCLA for the GGXX tourney then i kept callin ur fone but theres apparently no reception in the arcade. but wen i found out that the turn out was…well…not good then i didnt feel so bad hehe. I hope the Norcalerz will seriously go the next time they say they will tho. woulda been some great matches. PEace!

haha, yumi is god since he beat ID and watson…

why don’t you wear a nametag, so everyoen can praise you?

or better yet, talk shit on the forums hoping to feel better about spending 49 hours a week on videogames, because now you have beaten someone that other people know!!!


Dude, chill. I’m not bragging.

But I am pointing out that there was no reason for you to lose to me. I don’t even understand the game mechanics quite yet. I’m also being honest when I said that I would really like to see the vids, because I actually do want to re-evaluate my Faust game…playing in the tourney has actually made me consider taking up the game seriously :wink:

More so when Combofiend kicked my ass and later told me all of the weaknesses in my game :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, Go re-read your posts and tell me you’re not bragging.
I didnt mind losing at the tourney and gave you your props, but STFU with the bragging, k?
Also, I do hope you start playing seriously…

haha saif got beat down by some guy who doesnt even play the game seriously…was it ur sol or ur chipp? or i-no?

I didn’t intend for it to sound like bragging. Sorry you took it that way. I just thought that Alex comment was really funny, that’s all. If you thought I was bragging, then I apologize.

You play really well though. Come to UCLA and play more often…I’ll play you GGXX. I do sorta want to learn how to play.