11.5.2004 - 3s Weekly @ Hawaiian Brian's

13 entries, single elimination

1st - Leviathan IIDX (Yun-3)
2nd - Theonometry (Ken-3)
3rd - YK808 (Elena-2)
3rd - Leighton (Ryu-3)

Team tourney:

1st - K-Zero15 (Urien-1/3) / Cro (Oro-2)
2nd - Theonometry (Ken-3) / Leighton (Ryu-3)
3rd - Leviathan IIDX (Makoto-1) / Kyle (Remy-1)
4th - YK808 (Elena-2) / Martin (Gouki-1)


  • Kyle perfects YK808 in the team tournament
  • K-Zero15 beasts with Urien-1
  • Martin’s ghetto jump back fireball, jump forward fireball, super (somehow connected).

Good games lastnight everyone. congrads to the winner. lots good matches i learned a lot from u guys. yk808: good games. i will get u next week. as for the team tourney, thanks to cro. if i didn’t team up with u, i don’t think i can win :clap:

COngratulations to the winners.

Good Job Levia :clap:

Good Job To cRo & K~Zero.

Im sorry I didnt go…man the rain was just too much for me to leave the house.

Good job to The0 & Leight also :tup:

good job fellow wang. too bad i didnt do so well lol, but i won teams, yay