11/29 Jersey Street Fight ROUND 2 Results

11/29 Jersey Street Fight, Mahwah NJ

SF4 Random Picks Tournament (11 Players)

  1. Slob Murph $18
  2. Tagger $4
  3. PTO
  4. Jon
  5. Gun Blade
  6. Colin
  7. KDZ
  8. Austin
  9. Delirium
  10. Tolga
  11. Pat

SF4 Main Event (16 Players)

(I don’t know all characters, feel free to add yours or correct me. )

  1. KDZ (Rufus) $112
  2. Darth Arma (Akuma) $32
  3. Slob Murph (Ryu,Geif) $16
  4. Tagger (Sagat)
  5. Gun Blade (Abel)
  6. PTO (Balrog)
  7. xXxEtown (Geif)
  8. WD The Ramey (Sagat, Akuma)
  9. xXxAtown (Geif)
  10. Blue Suede (Abel)
  11. Colin
  12. Tolga (Bison)
  13. Delirium (Bison)
  14. Mistah J (Cammy)
  15. Jon (Cammy)
  16. Pat

This was a nice event, not the turnout I expected but still fun. Videos will be up as soon as I can cut them which should be later tonight. Thank to everyone who came out and also watched the live stream.

I am looking into my next event, any feedback would be appreciated as to what you would like to see.

SF4 Team Tournament is already in so give me more suggestions

I am in North Jersey, Morristown area, keep bring stuff to the new jersey scene. Keep it up

Where was this?!

Comfort Suites in Mahwah NJ

where them videos at Deluxee?

YouTube is currently “processing” them…this could take awhile.

YouTube is not working for me…it keeps saying my uploads failed.

anymore tournaments coming up?

December is a busy month…so look for January in NJ

Videos of Top 8 are up!


GG’s to everyone who went. Looking back at the KDZ match, I CHOKED CONSTANTLY lol :rofl: