[11/28] 5th SF4 Bar-Fight Tournament at RAIN! NYC

[]Damdai (Ken, Sagat, Viper)
]Aquasilk (Zangief)
[]Dieminion (Guile, Honda)
]KDZ (Rufus, Abel)

Don’t remember the rest. Don’t stop Adnan, love the venue. Aqua, don’t ditch me at NEC!!!

i respect this

it was a lot of fun. nice meeting you NYC guys for the first time

thanks for hosting adnan! i hope for another tourney in dec when i’m down for winter break



ah yes and thanks seb for streaming / videos… not the greatest debut on FADC i would have liked to make. love the site btw keep it up!

definitely cool to actually see video footage of my matches, too bad it’s pretty much embarrassing to see how many combos / opportunities i missed and overall lack of defense against aulord haha. gonna study these to hopefully make my game stronger.

Hey! Good match earlier

I played u (zero) on XBL a little earlier today (12/09.) I meant to tell you gg but I hate typing with the analog stick. I was on my girlfriend’s account, Lady Noob, and I was using Fei Long…anyway gg and cheers!