11/27 Family Fun 3s results (Teams)

1st) Circle of Jerks
5 Star - Ken
Vic - Dudley
Pyro - Yun

2nd) Team "Where the Hell is the Comboratory?"
Amir - Chun
John D - Urien
JR Rodriguez - Akuma

3rd) Team Sex I is a Beast
Ken I - Makoto
Nate - Ibuki
Saizo - Makoto

4th)Team Cameltoe
Ghetto Don - Alex
Mike Watson - Ken
Hung Beast - Oro

5th) Team "Marvin is drunk, I swear to god"
Marvin aka Mr. Universe - Urien
KMA - Chun
Arlieth - Makoto

5th) Team Guys who had no teams
Raul - Chun
MikeMenace - Hugo
Dario - Ken

Pictures of the post-tourney Kyushu Drinkoff:

-Warren is HAPPY

-KMA vs 5-Star, betting pool commences.

-KMA clearly wins, Arly wins a buck =D

-Mary calls out the 5-Star! REMATCH!

-“I’m surrounded by goddamn SCRUBS!” (actually, it’s 5-Star trying to hold it together after that last drink. =D)

Hey 5 star won the drink off! There was foulplay going on…

KMA, all the way!

i could have sworn jose had that one. i’m trying to get mary to get that clip on here.

oh yeah. good times. thanks for the beer and sake winning team :clown:



no vids please.

washimi. kakatte kina

is the doctor shown unmasked in this picture? :wow:

why :shake:

nan desu ka. moichido hanashite kudasai.

he said he will kill you.

guess you learned it from kma…

Hey fellas’ what’s up?

I was just wondering, will you be having these Kyushu Drinkoff’s on a frequent basis? And if so what kind of beer will you typically be using?

I’m asking due to the fact that I might find my way to Cali sometime early next year and a friend, who might tag along, is interested in this.

So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks in advance.

oh… shitsure desu yo! :clap: :rolleyes: