11/23/02 Gainesville CvS2 results

Singles Tourney

  1. <Tr3nt> Trent (A Groove, Chang-Cammy-Nakoruru-Yuri)
  2. John (C Groove, Cammy-Rock-Geese)
  3. <GUINNESS> Alex J. (N Groove, Hibiki-Blanka… one more person?)
  4. Individual who wants nothing to do with Gainesville or the standings and asks me to respect that. :bluu:

Ratio Tourney

  1. <Tr3nt> Trent (A Groove, Yuri/Nakoruru/Cammy… basically)
  2. <mixup, mike.m>Mike M. (P Groove, Balrog[claw]/Chun Li/Blanka and sometimes Cammy) yay p groove
  3. <GUINNESS> Alex J. (N Groove, Hibiki/Balrog[claw]/Blanka)
  4. Chetan (A Groove, Vega[dictator]/Rolento/Gouki)

Well, my first American tourney run. I guess I did okay, sorry to those who were dissapointed with the way things were done.

All in all though, I think it was okay. I think the singles turned out to be more fun for people than I expected, which I suppose is a good thing. If you guys want another one then let me know.

One thing we definately have to do though is NOT run MvC2 and CvS2 tourneys simultaneously, especially when people are entered in tourneys that are running simultaneously. For the next event here in Gainesville, I will talk to Justin about getting tourneys done in blocks - even if it takes up the same amount of time, there will be less fuss, more organization, and less stress on the organizer of respective tourney trying to get a player on MvC2 to play CvS2 (and vice versa). During the first few rounds it’s okay, but at and past quarter finals that shit gets way out of control. We don’t need people waiting a ridiculous amount of time to play and getting on my ass about something that I really wish I could do something about but can’t.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed themselves overall. Please give me constructive criticism/feedback on what you liked or didn’t (people who already expressed what they did not like need not rub it in my face, please, I did my best). Especially if you would like to run another Singles Event. … Oh and off topic, Trent lands that damn CC every single friggin time, even when people block it first, it’s unbelieveable. And Mike your Chun Li is annoying as (*&$, heh.

My next event I plan on doing a few things that I didn’t, such as Blind Character Selection. No one really told me about that until it was running (but thanks Van for telling about it though) and I kicked myself for not doing it already.

Anyway. fire away.

Too long…

It took too long that is my only gripe you covered all the problems Brian. I enjoyed the competition and just glad to say I Kept up with Mike M. So I’m getting better, and just remember Mike, in Ratios I am the guy who did knock you into the loser’s brackets :slight_smile: . I should of stayed smart like the first time when we met again for 2nd/3rd. All in all just glad I also am starting to keep up with Trent. Just for the record I also used Vega(claw), Balrog(missing tooth), on my N groove team, and against Trent S groove Hibiki. But man Mike our Singles match was pretty damn amazing and close, I almost had you. Overall had a great time, hope to see you all again.

Good games:D

I thought i did better in the singles?

Oh well:(

I feel the tourney was run very well imo.

I was very happy with the situation other than what happened with dwayne and the delays, just start the tourney before/after marvel next time.

Great job and thanks for the props on my chun-li:D maybe i should play her on r2:)

Florida is finally getting better at this game lol

hey mummy b, I really like what you posted about running the tourney. It helps a lot for the next ones coming up, especially the one here in orlando. I really liked your aspect about not running CvS2 and MvC2 at the same time. I thought about that too, and wasn’t sure, but now your opinion really helps out. Keep up the good work and hope you do more in g-ville. Later.

Placido Buniao III

Running MvC2 and CvS2 concurrently is the way usually all tourneys are run. I think even evolution did it that way, but I could be wrong. But that’s for a huge tourney. No one playing only marvel wants to wait 2 or 3 hrs just for CvS2. This tourney took so long because by chance Trent and Mike made it very very far in all four of their tournaments. Also running SSBM beforehand delayed much of the days events. Seriously, running them at the same time is not too bad of an idea.

I think the Gville tourneys are run just fine. If I had to wait an hour before a match in cvs2 or mvc2 I wouldnt really care. Since its all done in one day and over a period of 8-10 hours theres really not much u can do.

I liked the singles, thought it was really fun!! See you all next time…when ever that is???

It’s all good. I hadn’t been practicing. So it probably wouldn’t have made a differnece. Chun li # 1. ya. My vega > Mikes vega. :P``````

I promise not to beat Pete so bad next time. K, Ben?

Hey Enk, you better leave me a PM sometime in the summer so I go down for some pre-Evl practice. :slight_smile:


fo sho

My chun:p …:lol:

next tourney will most likely be mid december.


Hey Dwayne, Who placed Higher?

Whoa… my name is mentioned? :eek:

CvS2: Single Matchup
1st Trent
2nd John Sindel
3rd Mixup
4th Enk
5th Alex J/ Guinness
5th Rick/Shinma_sama
7th Brian/ Mummy-B
7th Dave Lin
9th Chetan Bedi
9th Ed Fuller
9th Alex G/ Mozaranth

WTH I did by these results in the singles, and I haven’t touched the game in over 3 months. I’ve been playing VF:E, and SC2. You didn’t beat me in these tournaments either, so it doesn’t make you better than I. LOL Just keep practicing. Anyway I said in that post that I was joking. You’re good.

Oh NM Dwyane… i remember now :stuck_out_tongue:


Ratios Cough Ratios

Please don’t bring that up. There is a little something about that which makes me slightly agitated. In retrospect, you see things much clearer than you did at the time.

Sorry for the typos in my results, it was done off the top of my head at my gf’s house.