11/18 Cal Poly Pomona's Again Let's Fighting results

Round Robin style with Alex Valle taking it all.

Round Robin style
1st - K4 (10W-1L)
2nd - Dart (8W - 3L)
3rd - Tony (5W-6L)
4th - Filthy Rich (5W-6L)
5th - Brian’s K’ (5W-7L)
6th - SexI (0W-10L) wtf?


  1. Owen
  2. Roy
  3. Filthy Rich
  4. RIP
  5. YiMachine
  6. Bobino
  7. Alex Valle
  8. Rickstah
  9. Jon
  10. Cynnik
  11. Strippers and Beer
  12. Brendon
  13. Dart
  14. Christian “Vs”
  15. Sebastian
  16. SexI
  17. Ebrahim
  18. Matt
  19. S3N


  1. Dipset
  2. JAL
  3. ruin-
  4. Combofiend
  5. Petey
  6. DarkPrince
  7. Oscar
  8. Alex Valle
  9. Mike Ross (Rossimus?)
  10. Allen
  11. Nam
  12. Reset
  13. Maurice
  14. Mike
  15. Dash
  16. SexI
  17. FrankieSkiLLz
  18. Jack


  1. Alex Valle
  2. gootecks
  3. SexI
  4. Reset
  5. David A
  6. Sebastian
  7. Combofiend
  8. ruin-
  9. Nam
  10. Kai
  11. Brendon
  12. Hai
  13. Faka
  14. Matt
  15. J.R.
  16. Stan
  17. Wes
  18. Jeremy
  19. Guccimane
  20. Rick
  21. JAL
  22. Bean
  23. Redmond
  24. Dash
  25. David


  1. Combofiend
  2. Alex Valle
  3. HaK
  4. Eric
  5. Warren
  6. Nam
  7. Matt
  8. Stan
  9. ruin-
  10. Bean
  11. Potter
  12. Dipset
  13. SexI
  14. Dash
  15. Brendon
  16. Hai
  17. David
  18. JAL
  19. Wes
  20. Matt D

SC3 was cancelled due to a very low turnout.

GG/… Um, uh… we’re supposed to get it in here sometime…

Thanks again guys for coming out, especially ruin and the SD peeps. Sorry for getting the brackets up late. Just didn’t have the staff to help me out at the time. And thanks to all of you who helped out with running the brackets. Much appreciated guys. :tup:

We’ll probably be holding our next tourney on Jan 13, but that’s just tentative right now. I wanna hold one in December, but that’s when school’s out and the building’s usually closed on the weekends of breaks.

As always, feedback is welcome.

The Tourney was pretty fun today, Props to UCR players

ggs to all, had fun, but tiring

yay i got top 3

random props to Bill and Jal for fucking beasting everybody in Marvel.

props to Valle and Gene for beating my ass in CvS2. I didnt know Valle played A-Groove.

also a shout out to all the people i beat in shitty ass 3s who actually play that game religiously. You got beat by a button masher.

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to the GG community for coming out. its a good thing i lugged a tv and ps2 from home to help you guys out. fuckers.

other than that. fun tourney

good shit to bill and jal aka hot boys aka If it’s rented I ain’t fucking in it


To Alex, Ken I and Rich … whenever u want guys, Im up for playing kof xi … u already know how to contact me … latez =)

Nam Is hated, beating me with Jugg, bb hood, and ironman… cries

i would like to thank myself for playing super shitty in cvs2 and going 2-0 like a champion. good shit to combo/hak for showing us some crazy shit with their respected grooves. GOOD SHIT TO WARREN FOR SHOWING UP THAT STAR! i’ll practice up before norcal for team dancing with the stars.

good shit to bill for using burberry mag to the fullest. i won’t lie, i was feeling nice with my sentinel this tournament. hopefully, it’ll stay that way. good games to all in mvc2.

Good games! Congrats to the winners LOL.

ggs to all i played in HF or CE i don’t even know which game it is hahahahha

ggs everyone. good practice for ncr, hope to see most of you there. Thank you nam for bringing tvs for Slash and running CVS2 very swiftly. Thanks to ruin and the crew for coming down from Vegas, nice to see you all again.

GGs to all

Thank you kids for Practicing UP!!!

i practice downe.

thanks for having it, i had a pretty good time

i wasent exspecting that 1

you obviously dont get the joke.

I want to have sex with bill

Great tourney mad fun =). Thanks to everyone who helped run it and big thanks to nam for bringing that tv that we didn’t use ;(! nice seeing everyone again. =]!