11/16 PHILLY PADDLE WEEKLY MvC2 lowtier/hightier

3 tournaments

Lowtier #1

1st Josh Wong (Spiderman/Charlie/Guile)
2nd D.hyo (Psylock/Sakura/Akuma)
3rd Sanford Kelly (Thanos/RubyHeart/Commando)
4th Bryheem Keys (Commando/Venom/Akuma)
5th Kaliek (Juggernaut/Cammy/Guile)

GF 3-2 Josh, 3-2 Josh

Lowtier #2

same teams mostly

1st Josh Wong
2nd D.hyo
3rd Sanford Kelly
4th Bryheem Keys
5th Kaliek

GF 3-2 D.hyo 3-2 Josh

Regular MvC2

1st Sanford Kelly (Storm/Cable/Cyke)
2nd Josh Wong (MSP)
3rd Bryheem Keys (Scrub)
4th Brandon Deshields (Cammy/Sentinel/Tronne)
5th Kaliek (Scrub)

GF 3-2 Sanford

Random tournament thrown together after brandon and sanford kept challeging each other in lowtier. Hope more people show up next time.

Real talk G.O.D.L.I.K.E marvel play 1 of the best mvc2 showings ever.

Smart Marvel

Low tier is the best marvel. Low tier really makes you THINK and use real strategy.

I agree high level marvel is fun but kinda retarded in terms of using ur brain. Thats why I play ST and SF4 where i have to be tricked to be killed. Fuck Serious Marvel ITS ALL DHCS AND SNAPBACKS!!! But its fun… SHit now i’m getting mixed feelings.

bringing it back to the retro

gs brandon and kells

Personally I dislike marvel top tier a lot now… Ohio was really fun but that was the end of marvel for me pretty much. But low tier is like a whole new game all together. Especially with the tier system we made up, no more super cheap shit. Plus no gay tron assist either… I’m not taking anything away from people who still play top tier a lot, but personally I’d rather just do low 100%.

Haha… thanks for the props, toan.

Also Sanford’s venom is sick and josh wong’s charlie is straight retarded. My sakura is slick… haha

whats the new system you guys have to judge low tier teams? And any chance this shit got caught on tape, i wanna see top level low tier marvel lol.