11/07 Syracuse, Tekken 6 Launch Tournament

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion is just around the corner now, for alot of us we’ve been waiting a lifetime for it. To celebrate it’s late US release we’ll be holding a launch tournament at E-Gamers Exchange in Syracuse, NY.

E-Gamers Exchange is a local, up and coming video game store with a lot to offer. Visit http://egamersexchange.com/ for directions and contact information.

After talking to him about how he runs his business he does some things I haven’t heard of anyone else doing for they’re customers. He is very willing to accommodate and offers great customer service, when I found out he’s even willing to hunt older games down for his customers I thought that this was very unique. After the Pizza Hut tournament he took interest in Upstate Fighting and has offered his store for the next venue, and its very nice! I’m supremely excited for this next one, and we have a lot to offer the players this time around.

This is how the tournament will go down,

Tekken 6 BR ONLY!!

Two ways to enter!

$10 dollar buy in that day or be entered into the tournament when you pre-order your copy of Tekken 6 through E-Gamers. When you pre-order make sure to mention the you want to participate in the tournament!!

$2 dollars for spectators

Tournament starts at 1:00 pm, contact me if you plan on attending and are running late, email me for my information!!

Best 2 rounds out of 3 takes the match, 2 out of 3 matches to advance

Double Elimination

Regional seeding (for those who are traveling)

$200 CASH pot split 70/20/10 supplied by Upstate Fighting for the top 3

Prizes also include for

1st place - $60 dollar store credit at E-Gamers, Upstate Fighting shirt, Tekken 6 BR poster

2nd place - $30 store credit on all used products at E-Gamers, Upstate Fighting shirt, Tekken 6 BR Poster

3rd place - Upstate Fighting shirt, Tekken 6 BR poster

Wild Card Prize - PS3 Hori with USB port

This is a new idea for my tournaments I think it’ll be a great success so just make sure you stick around for it.

All participants who do not make top 10 in the tournament will be entered into the wild card raffle, 2 players are chosen from the raffle to play. The rules of the match will be this : 2 rounds out of 3 takes the match, first to win 3 matches wins the prize!

Team Tournament and Money Matches

I don’t have a schedule for a Team Tournament right now but if people want to have one let me know I’ll make it happen

Please wait until after singles or until a station is free for any casual or money matches


The venue is surrounded by a lot of restaurants and other good eats, but we made a deal one in particular. Sam’s Chicken Land has good food and large portions, it shares the plaza with E-Gamers exchange and have agreed to give the participants of the tournament a discount on food. Other than that there is a lot of places close by for a meal or something quick to eat.


There is a lot of parking available, in front of E-Gamers Exchange, in front of Solvay Bank after 1pm, and in front of P&C in the plaza next door. please use these places to park

Good luck man, should be really random since most people will have only had about a week to practice the game. maybe albany can random a few out! hahaha hope it runs well for you guys.

Whats good Zzy? I really want to try to make it to this make sure they make me a 4x Upstate shirt cause I will be getting one if I play in this tourny…=P