11/02 - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - Fight On! Results (SF4+BB)

STREET FIGHTER 4 (18 entrants)

full bracket

1 Blitzman G
2 JDK Mark
3 JS Master
4 Wilson
5 UltraCalvin
5 Alex
7 Danvan
7 Wesley
9 AT Fiend
9 Scott
9 Adrian
9 Bill307
13 Omar Ismail
13 Calvin Lau
13 Jon (ceraf)
13 Johnwong
17 Leonard
17 rb_999

BLAZBLUE (8 entrants)

full bracket (random seeding)

1 Leonard (Tager) - lost *first round *to Wu, then sledged through losers to take 1st place :wow:
2 Wu (Noel)
3 Bill307 (Taokaka, Arakune)
4 Dan (Tager)
5 Wilson (Jin)
5 AT Fiend (Arakune, Jin)
7 Jon (Tager)
7 Francis (?)

Thanks to everyone who came out. There were almost no random local entrants, probably due to insufficient advertising around the university campus. This is definitely a lesson to take to heart.

Special thanks to team STC for making the long (3-hour?) trip to Waterloo. Going undefeated by all of K/W, you guys really raised the bar for us and gave us some great matches.

Big thanks to Julian for manning the registration table and watching the brackets, despite not playing anything. It was *immeasurably *helpful for me to not have to worry about that stuff. :tup:

Lastly, big thanks to everyone provided equipment and everyone who helped to run the tournaments. With a special thanks to Adrian for manning the lagless projector and camera.

Shoutout to Wesley, who is now 2-0 against me in tournament games (first Hugo > me, now Zangief > me). If you come to SRK and see this post, you and Calvin Lau should register and join us for casuals sometime!

So personally, I’m divided on how this event turned out.

On the one hand, I had a great time. I had to spent more time than I wanted running SF4, but aside from that, I played some good games and watched some GREAT games, in both SF4 and BlazBlue. :bgrin: (I’ll try to upload all the videos over the next few days.)

And I was slowly eating a big Panda King meal, so no hunger-mindfuck like last time. <_<

Unfortunately, I am disappointed by the turnout. If you exclude the SRK and UWGamers forums, there were AT MOST THREE other people who entered. In the last two terms, we drew 15-20 random locals out for Street Fighter 4. Granted this time SF4 was $5 entry rather than $2, but there’s more: historically, we’ve also had a number of random locals who would enter GGAC (none showed up), and a handful of local SC4 players (none showed up).

In the 3 previous school terms, UWGamers and myself were able to pepper the university campus with posters for Fight On! up to 2 weeks in advance. This time, one way or another, it seems like the club really failed to advertise it.

You know, we’ve actually had a bigger local turnout for one of our kwfighers SF4 CASUALS than we had at this tournament, and that causal was not advertised around campus at all.

Anyway, enough 3 am ranting. Regardless of the low turnout, thanks again to everyone for helping to make this such a fun event, and congrats to the winners.

I had no idea this event took place. Didn’t see any flyers or anything in UW. =(

How can she slap!?!?

:tup: Oh fuck Blitz knocked Eric out on both ends of the bracket. Good shit bud. :tup:

Congratulations Blitzman, JDK Mark, and JS Master.

It was nice to finally put a face to the brag Blitz.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in running the tournament, I had a great time.

Probably why the turn out was low?

:confused: I wouldn’t consider 18 on a Monday evening low at all. :confused:

I was just replying to what Bill had said here.

Personally I was happy, but I’m not the tournament organizer, and didn’t finish ‘in the money’ so the amount of people playing had no bearing on me what so ever.

GS Matt

Repeating what I said in the uwgamers thread in that I was also disappointed at the turnout, and I agree that uwgamers did drop the ball in this case (me included).

Regardless, I had fun. I went 2 and out in SF4 as expected, proving once again I’m a scrub at this game. And yes, Wesley’s Gief caught me in the vortex first round, good stuff. I do want to get better, but I’ll probably need to put a bit more effort into this game. Maybe I’ll start showing up at KW casuals. Thanks to the people who came in from out of town for providing some awesome matches. I can’t play the game, but I certainly like to watch it.

GGs to the people I played in BB, especially Wu and Bill with their tricky Noel and Tao respectively.

ggs everyone, first sf4 tourney for me, and yea me and wesley will definitely try and make it to some casuals

Even tho I went 0-2, still didn’t do as bad as I thought I would as I put up a decent fight imo. Pretty impressed by the overall play this tournament.

I’m also disappointed at the low turnout. I didn’t see any posters at all on campus for the past 2 weeks. We could’ve invited more random local players to join our weekly sf4 nights.

GGs to Mark and JS. I’ll beat you guys next time ;p You too Blitz…GS on 1st place with cammy. Thanks for coming to Waterloo all the way from Scarborough. For once, I don’t have to travel for 2 hrs+ to TO to play you guys lol. Good games.

Yeah, I saw my first poster today walking through the Physics building. Was the only one I have seen on campus. Having been my first SF tourney, I wish some more random people would have come so I could have stood a better chance.

Fun stuff though. I’m hoping to be able to come to casuals (damn school work) and play with you guys more often, hopefully learn a thing or two!

Its the final countdown!

Any good sport wanna notify me next time there’s an event at UW? I’ve never been to a tourney before. Also want to meet some new dudes who play SF4. =D

I need to get the vids from this tournament up soon. The finals in both games were incredible.

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=171489&page=53 gogo

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind watching that SF4 final again, it was amazing.
Didn’t catch the BB final, but Jason is definitely very upset about losing it like he did lol