100% Damage THC's (and your favorites)

trying to jog my memory, haven’t played this game in about two years but i’m trying to remember where there any teams in the game that did 100% damage or close to it with their THC? only one i can think of at the moment is juggs(glitched), B.B. hood, and Hulk(gamma crush). im sure theres more.

oh yeah and even though they are rarley used. whats you guys favorite THC’s???

i think ironman can combo THC off of C.jab - C.Strong > THC if im not mistaken

i like Guile(hurrricane),iceman, and magneto THC as well… only does almost 70-85% on most but i think it looks cool as hell

Blackheart, Dr Doom, Jugg

Just get some demons attached to them and let it rip, die they shall

Yeah it can. It’s better to use c.short instead of c.jab in case they don’t block low though. C.jab can still be blocked high.

I’ve seen IM/WM/B.B. Hood THCs completely wreck…assuming they actually land.

Captain commando (beam sword) Hulk(Gamma Crush), Ironman(proton cannon)

team steroids: sent/hulk/jug

THC kills an unprotected assist instantly

I gotta say the best 100% damaging THC is either OG Kush or Purp. Wait…are we talking about the same thing?

In that case, I think Cable/IM/Juggernaught has a good team hyper combo and a decent team to boot…


Zangief (lariat)/Hulk (Gamma Crush)/ Juggernaut(Dash)

Zangief juggles in the air, Jugs launches them up, they meet the doom of Hulk.

It’s mostly just around 90% damage (I’ve combo’d into 100% with it before though) but it’s so stupidly damaging.

BB hood, hulk, jugg. 100% damage on anybody. I’ve got 3-4 victories with it in ranked, its pretty fun. I like to get jugg glitched then safely switch to bb hood. Throw bombs and wait for them to mess up or pull out an assist then THC.

I forget the order, but I think its Jugg/Shuma/Charlie Proj. Depending on how it hits you can THC, then follow up with a Headcrush, same combo.

triple proton cannon is full of win

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