10 year old smash player confirmed FAKE

No FGC illuminati? Get your heads out of your asses boys, you’re all being played by the big corporations.

There is a Smash thread you could’ve put this in.

Enjoy the yelling this thread shall now get and deserves.


Not everybody checks the smash circle jerk. This is information that needs to get out to everyone.


This thread is a fucking waste. Way to go not using the search function, OP.

The Smash thread is a circle jerk? Huh.

But in MvC3 8 year olds can get Top 32… Smh

Another publicity stunt, like the thousands of other viral videos


At least she didn’t start twerking.

This thread is stupid. OP is stupid.

Close please.

Anything smash related is stupid

It was obviously fake.
10 years is a little bit too old to still be enjoying smash bros.

How many copies did you pick up?

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Not sure if you want to move this to Smash section or just close it.

Moving to FGD since there’s no specific section for the new Smash.

If one of the other mods thinks this should be in the Brawl section, then their free to move it.

We already updated the article on the front page to reflect this development as of yesterday.