10 minutes of RAGE

I started this about a week ago and people seem to like it so far.
Episode 1 was just a demo so I could get used to Sony Vegas because I’m used to Adobe Premiere

Episode 2 I just finished and has some much rougher fights

feel free to watch and leave a comment, it’s just a bit of fun

advise wouldnt go a miss, but I’m aware I have 3 bad habbits right now…

  1. spamming walking kick
  2. spamming raging demons randomly
  3. not abusing vortex enough


episode 3 for anyone who may enjoy

episode 4

You don’t “have to” abuse the vortex to win with Akuma.

apparently I do

but you won, right?


all that matters :slight_smile:


Episode 5
had to edit the shit out of this to cut 30 seconds… that’s why it’s so ugly at places


Episode 6
Long time coming, but I was busy with random shit, but I finally got some proper capture stuff too
[LEFT]Episode 6 showcasing:[/LEFT]


Omg the oppenings to the videos are fucking hillarious! Especially for the first and the sixth video, where the hell did you took that footage of an Akuma smashing Dan with a freaking Death Star out of a sky? That’s genius, they should’ve maid it his Ultra combo in SF4 xDDDD

But I gotta ask, what’s the purpose of these videos? Are you, like, trying to just capture youre leveling up with Akuma, similar to Renic or smth? Why does it called 10 minutes of rage then? I don’t see you or youre opponents rage at something oO

there is a character on Mugen called "Rare Akuma"
a parody of all the bs characters ppl keep putting into Mugen. SSJ7 Broligeta or some crap
the death star is just one part lol

initially I was using a mic when recording shit live, but dont really see the point when I’m just doin replays.
If the fights are live… and bad, then you’ll hear me “explain” the reasoning behind the name…

me fighting IcxI Senser.
tried to jam 2hrs into 15mins… so urgh…
and now I hate the music…

8th ep, I went back to how the first ep was, and added commentary…
Attempting to use these vids to try and improve…
so far it looks like I’ve gotton worse…


Episode 9, me fighting my akuma friend Ajay. He’s always teaching me things about the mechanics of the game. mostly the best way to take fists to the face. enjoy~

also this is my actual channel since some ppl asked


I know you posted this a while ago but I’m totally diggin how akuma shits out mini akumas to fight you. Explain to me why this isn’t in SF4 or SFxTekken??? Man think of the vortex potential.

Also I’m diggin the transformer’s movie lines in your latest vid.

Mugen is a wealth of over the top bullshit. take SSJ for example… I can’t even imagine where that ends
my brother and I used to watch the original transformers movie (when they crash landed on the ark) all the time. when he saw this vid, my 32year old doctor of a brother made a very immature noise


all got fucked up, had to change intro a bit…