10 Interesting Comic Book Facts You Probably Didnt Know

10 Interesting Comic Book Facts You Probably Didnt Know

Probably not all that surprising if you’ve studies sociology or the history of comic books. I knew pretty much all of them except #1 and #10.

Yeah same. Really basic comic book knowledge. This part made me laugh though!

10). Almost shocking, but the world?s largest comic book collection does not belong to any real comic enthusiast or dealer. Instead it belongs to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. with over 6,000 titles and 100,000 issues ? a massive collection that still continues to grow by about 200 issues each month. The Library of Congress has been accumulating comic books since the 1930s through copyright deposit and houses the most comprehensive collection with fairly complete runs of popular and rare titles such as Action Comics, Archie, Detective Comics and Wonder Woman. The collection is not viewable by the public for many obvious reasons. However, I?m sure comic book enthusiast and collector, President Obama, would have no problem requesting permission and gaining hands-on access. Now we finally know his true agenda for wanting to become president!


Thanks for sharing! :tup:

That was an awesome read, thanks for sharing!

And yes, must be nice to be pres with that library…!

Was that last part of #7 really necessary? Somehow I doubt every single person that called the movie “too dark” was expecting it to be light-hearted fun.