10 hit combos

Hi i am new to Tekken (i played street fighter)

I just want to verify that 10 hit combos that do like half your life bar, they aren’t actually a safe combo are they?

How come it says that its a 10 hit combo in the training room?

Is that why I dont see pro players using them???

because they’re not safe, if they know when to attack you can be hit out of them.

You won’t see them a lot in true competitive play because some of them are extremely unsafe, you can be countered mid-combo, hit out of them (as supersoniclean said), and when used continuously can be predictable. Now, every once in a while, you can catch an opponent off-guard with them. You’ll just find more success with it online as opposed to tournament play.

Generally, I would learn a character’s BnB juggles before their 10 strings.

The game calls them 10 hit “combos” but that’s not the same meaning we, the players, give the word “combo”. Just call them 10strings since every hit doesn’t always combo into the next.
Most of them are useless, but some aren’t in extremely specific cases which I won’t get into. For now just focus on when the 1st low is coming so you can low parry it when you start blocking a 10string.

:eek: 10hits are important in the sense that you need to be able know how to block/step/parry them if they’re used against you.

If you’re playing against someone in a heated match and they bust out a 10hit that you don’t know how to defend against, it can be troublesome.

There are more areas of play that newer players should focus on, though. You can come back to these later, but don’t forget to visit them. :smiley:

A Ten hit string is another case of having a “awesome but impractical” ability. While some of them provide some good mix-ups, they are not safe. They are too dangerous to utilize in a real match. A smart player would simply catch the user off guard or even get a counter hit which will leave you in a dangerous situation. Pros will simply resort to counter baiting, BnB’s, tag assists, and different fundamentals in order to win in the most practical way possible. They are pretty funny to watch though, but its just one of those things you just don’t do in a real match and/or tourney.

Some of the 10strings seem pretty fun to use in trolling people around that mash buttons

All tenstrings are garbage, except for very specific parts like Law df+1,4,2 or king 1,2,1,1. The full string is never a true combo. They can work if your opponent doesn’t know them, so you should practice countering them nevertheless. Except with Bryan, his are probably the worse in the game, no lows at all.

Some 10strings are true combos (all 10 hits) against back turned opponent, and ling had a true solid 50/50 in hers.

They don’t work like that anymore (backturn)

When did this change? Was every single 10-hit in the game tested to confirm this alleged change?

There’s no real point learning a 10 string. Proper Tekken combos would use a launch or something which stuns to then continue the combo.

Hmm good to know.

They’ve been there since at least Tekken 3, and are fun to throw out, test what the other guy does. You could use like half a one to set up a throw. Most of them have at least a couple of break points, so you can’t just spam them. Factor in lag though, and they could become better than intended, but hey, that’s netplay, 2012.

I use them as gimmicks against idiots occasionally, other than that I don’t think they’re worth it.

Anyone else notice that Lili has a “10-hit combo” that’s actually 4 button presses and I think is 5 hits or so? Blatantly listed as a 10-hit. I thought it was going to be some random magic that became 10-hits in game. Did it a few times…even got the trophy for performing 3x 10-hit combos…

:eek: Not all 10hits are actually ten individual hits.

They have been around since the very first Tekken on PS1. I can confirm that without a doubt, bc thats where I learned them with multiple characters back in the day

Ling’s just blew me away back in the day, with the sped up Hypnotist ending, sooo cool. King as well, with crumple into slam. Some were way more bogus than others, hitting like 7 times and really obvious or easy to interrupt. The step game seemed so much better than canned combos back then though, something which perhaps ironically has become much more prevalent in modern VF. Pai throws a non-circular leg out, Akira evades and bodychecks, bam, half bar gone :wasted: Like Paul’s T3 charge punch but happening in nano-seconds.