10/24/09 SFIV @ Hooters in Cheasapeake VA! (hosted by Play N Trade of VA Beach)

SoVA, you know what time it is. SFIV will once again be hosted at hooters in chesapeake! All the fun, food, and Females:party: will be back for yet another round.

Will Nick use a character thats NOT BLOND?
Will Ariez get a phone numberfrom a Hooters girl !?!?
Will UEZ actually advance his Chun for 09’!?!?

You have to be there!


801 Battlefield Blvd N
Chesapeake, VA 23320-4862
(757) 549-8585

9PM until we get the boot. (12am-1am-ish)


10$ entry, cash payout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
(Hooters normally tosses in some gift cards on top of the payout! ^___^)

360 and PS3 format
all characters unlocked
Bring your own controller/Stick/pad/steering wheel.

Brought to you by…
Play N Trade of Virginia Beach
2201 Upton Dr Suite 906, Virginia Beach, VA, 23454
Phone: 757-430-9269

VVVbe sure to check this out also!VVV


You forgot to put a date.



I have the bopit extreame to make first before I bring the steering wheel.

good shit… ill be there Otis! (did we take a pic last time with the lovely ladies? we did the first time)

Advanced Chun!!!

Hooter’s? Hmm…

no i missed my facebook photo, this time i will have to get it again.

I definitely want in on this and will do my best to not miss this. Which system will you guys most likely choose for this event? And this kicks off at 9pm? Thanks!

Well the way Hooters is setup is that there is one tv for PS3 and one tv for 360. And you just work it out with your opponent on which system you want to play on.

Yeah it normally works out really well. its funny when the crowd gets in on it and starts cheering and asking about matches.

Ill try to remember my camera this time around so we can get some pics with the ladies.

Just thought about something. This is on the same date as the T5DR tourney at Greenbrier.

Hopefully the tourney doesn’t take, but if I recall, I think Greenbrier only has 1 DR machine.

Greenbrier Mall closes at… 9:00 Amirite? farts

not to mention the thread for that says about 3 times he has 1 arcade setup and 2 ps3 setups… /epicfail

Lets get the money…and the wings…and the LADYS!

its going down this weekend. i may actually get to enter! and i may actually PRACTICE! O_O

i need to use my hooters cards, wings on me otis since ur putting on another great event! :party:

I’ll be there Otis. Thanks for the info. Moero Justice Gakuen casuals before the tourny. We need to play again.

haha… yea i got some gift cards to use too… this is like our version of bar fights.

I’m glad this is still on! I will be playing until I have to leave to go there, lol! Looking to meet up with new people you guys sound like a cool group.
a.ka. Tron