10/21/2006 MD/DC/VA C3 and Attack of the Clones! 3S/ST/CvS2/A3/GGXX/

Meaning DJ, BB, and Mark G. of course.

Tourney Location:
C3 is moving guys. David wants to get into a bigger location. He’s staying in sterling but the process will take 6-8 weeks. In the meantime, he’s moved c3 to its temporary home, which @ 4000 sq ft, is TWICE the size of old c3. Don’t worry, we will have all of the amenities we had before, and then some. The new location is in Ashburn, near the Wegman’s, and isn’t even 10 minutes from the old c3.

21770 Beaumeade Circle, Ashburn, Va 20148

Here’s some of what David emailed me.

“Unexpected circumstances sprung upon us.We had moved to a temporary location in ashurn before we can move to our new permant location in sterling by next 6 to 8
The location is in a flex/office area, it’s not inside shopping center, but there is fast food near by. The space is big enough to hold comfortably over 100 people. You can even set up a basketball hoop and play inside this space.Some times in November, expect to be at a permanent facility. next tournament we will plan a big grand opening tournament/party at the new location.”

This is actually GREAT news guys. As people can attest to, c3 at times gets a little… cramped. The upgrade in size allows for alot more systems to be played at once, as well as a permanent poker setup.

Also, since it’s a warehouse w/ no closing time, I wouldn’t really care if people brought a sleeping bag and caught some z’s there. Later on in the week, we will have pictures of the new space.


Embassy Suites Hotel Dulles-North/Loudoun, VA 3 star rating
44610 Waxpool Road, Dulles, VA Map
0.3 Miles South of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~109$ a night

Hampton Inn Washington-Dulles Intl Airport 3 star rating
45440 Holiday Drive, Dulles, VA Map
2.4 Miles Southeast of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~74$ a night

1000 SULLY RD, Sterling, VA Map
2.8 Miles Southeast of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~71$ anight

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson Washington Dulles Airport 3 star rating
2.9 Miles Southeast of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~79$ a night

btw, there are PLENTY more in the area. It’s like not even 5 minutes from Dulles airport.


12pm: SSBM: Game Cube (Singles+Pairs) (10$)

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike: PS2 Teams 3v3 (15 per team$)
SF3 3S Singles (10$)
GGXX/ Singles (10$)
A3 10$
CvS2 10$
ST (10$) (arcade emulation on XBOX) (i have xbox converters) (Thanx dave wright)

Poker around 10 to 11.

Some systems and games are needed: If you can post up what you can bring, that’d be great.

SSBM is bring your own controller.


Double elim.

Exact #'s of final qualifying bracket and the size of the pools will be determined by # of entrants.

Tourney Fees:

Tourney entrance fee: 10$ each

Venue Fee: 5$

Standard Rules for all games.

Payout per tourney:

<10 entrants 66/33
10-20 entrants: 58/28/14
over 20 entrants 53/26/14/7
over 50 entrants 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125/3.125
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Oh man, that’s really cutting it close for me. If I can make it, this’ll be my last tourn in the US. Hope to make it to this; I always love these meetups. =O

Gwy Dan, Eli, and I are going to the NE tourney on the same weekend.

Good luck to whoever enters Slash (:

Arcade ST (well…close enough) = good stuff. I’ll be entering that fo sho along with 3S and either Slash or CVS2. Gotta love 3S teams. :tup:

Where you headed off to? Wherever it is good luck and keep representing Q. He’s top tier when you get a good run. :cool:

Ill be entering 3s, teams, and Slash.

And aku you should come… with bagles!

DJ: I’m planning on moving to Japan some time next month or the beginning of November for studies.

MOD: By the time of the tourn, I’ll already have quit. I put in my two weeks notice today, I just can’t stand working there anymore.

exodus 3S stipulation:

-send exodus to losers: $10
-knock exodus out: $15
-place 1st while exodus places 2nd: 2nd place portion

last month, there was a character stipulation that i had to use dudley.

this month, character stipulation will be RYU.

awww man no bagels before i could mooch huh its all good man. If it sucks screw it.

Damn…I hope you have a solid Ryu. Lookin to finally take some money this time. Only got one match in on Dudley…the shinobi still needs some work obviously after last tournament but that’s what she likes. Always something new to learn to make herself more solid for the next intensive battle.

Fuck your stipulation and your couch. :smile:

If there was ever a person who needed a real life mini-me. Its Khang.

Super Turbo on Xbox lags. Whether you use MameX or FBAX, it will lag.

Add in MagicBox converters, and the lag goes from tolerable to unbearable.

Trust me on this.

A better idea would be to play AE but restrict it to ST only. I know it’s not perfect, but I’d rather have that than input lag.

KawaX never noticed input lag though I never played st much specifically, and magic box converter in my exp doesnt have lag.

Hmm well I never played it in Kawa-X, but I know mamex and fbax both lagged especially w/ the magicbox.

It wasn’t just ST that had input lag, ALL cps2 games in those 2 emulators lagged. Damn, if Kawa-X is lag free even w/ magicbox and plays all the CPS2 games, I may have to buy a modded Xbox again.

Oh yeah, so, can I get 10$ from sending you to losers in the team tourney last time? Pay up!

I’m in for 3s singles, 3s teams, and Super Turbo. If the Xbox version does lag noticeably, I think we should just go for HSF2 ST characters. Not exactly the same, I know, but better than the poopy amalgamated alternative.

sorry you Q bum! 3S stipulations has always been, and still is, for singles tournament only! :arazz: :arazz: :arazz:

With me, Shazay, and Dan gone…

I expectDevilJin to win GGSlash. BET IT.

N-Ken is gonna win slash fuckin count on it.

I would destroy both you AND jb at slash.

LAWL Aaron, bold words but you’d be lucky to take a round off me, this tournament is a free win for me.