10-16 Break Results (Josh Wigfalls Return)

here are the results-

1st-Michael Williams “Infinite” mag/cable/sent(a), sent/storm/commndo
2nd-Josh Wigfall msp, sent/cable/commando, storm/sent/cable
3rd-Shawn Morgan “Starbury” mag/cable/sent(a), sent/storm/cyclops, mag/storm/sent
4th-Hevad Khan “VietKhan” mag/cable/tron, ???

-Josh wigfall comming out of retirment with a stipulation (a)if he won then he stayed retired or (b) if he loses then he comes back
-Matrix vs Ed the Head money matches for 20$
-winners finals"stabury vs Infinite" 3-2
-losers finals"starbury vs Josh" 3-0
-finals"Infinite vs Josh" 4-2
-Breaksteaks still own
-Josh is back, yayyyyyy

Young Hov

Since josh is back, he might as well come to philly with the rest of NY who is coming to our tournament this sat. I hope NY really comes to philly, it would be fun if yall came to chill with us but that is up to yall.

I have a feeling none of you will come:(

Good to see Josh back on MvC2.


stop beasting mike

josh is back…good shit good shit

Josh stopped playing? Yeah right, and I’m retiring…AGAIN!!!

By the way, Josh losing to Infinite? Give me a break. He lost on purpose so he could have an excuse to keep playing. I haven’t played at all and I still beat Javier and Julian at Breaksteak showdown…and this guy can’t even beat Infinite haha.

I think it’s time to issue another money challenge…

Infinite is good yo.

Just imagine yourself going on 3 month break for what ever non marvel game you compete in, and see what happens. It’s really tough to stay at the top levels of competition if you take long breaks. Josh still held it down though =]

random side notes:

  • I got lost on my way home on Clinton Ave, wasn’t fun. I was lost so i asked 2 truck drivers how to get back onto I-287, but haha the mother fuckers were high as kites. The dude told me to go to the light, and go left until you see I-78 west about 9 times in row…such a crackhead.
  • Everybody at the break has improved a lot since around ECC8 times.
  • Shawn’s the best tourney host ever (it turns out he plays broodwar too, like most of jersey marvel peeps).
  • Matrix keeps calling me “ho-vahd,” when my name is really Hevad (Ha-vahd).
  • I didn’t see rob there, but Shawn told me he had class so… =[
  • Really fun tourney, hopefully I can make it out there again sometime soon.

Josh lost to Michael…uh huh.

Who won out of “Random Agent” and Ed the Head money matches?

Ed did

Shawn …who else went…how many people?Did Ryan and them show up?

        I own Shawn


damn, i cant win without u sayin shit, whatever.

guess its time for “another money challenge” go to cf friday night and il play u first to 5 for 50$, same bet u played javier for.

and ed won 4-2 vs matrix

josh isnt going to philly, just cuz hes back doesnt mean he gonna play hardcore like that yet, damn let him breath.

**-Young Hov- **

I was thinking about coming to this one…

i was pretty excited to send josh to the losers so he would stop retirement…but then he raped me in the losers…yea that sucked…haha good to see you back josh…

haha young hov

infinite prolly wore the jacket why he won, it’s getting cold out the jacket is his power :open_mouth:

this is funny?

Who Won? please like if it was even competition It was just a way of sayin use $2 so you can get $20 and not have to stay for the tournament I mean it bought my Dinner:lol: :lol: :lol: :cool:

Well anyways who’s next to put some money up from NY?

Chris is the hustler??? wtf? Nigga you just got hustled??? so like I was sayin who’s next?:lol: :cool:

i am, same bet as u had with chris. like tod ur girl las week “u already lost”

**-Young Hov- **

dear josh w.

You are not good enough to retire. Justin wong, Brandon, Desiimon, they can retire, I would not of remembered your name if hyo didn’t remind me. But I say all this as a personal challenge not an insult. Come to philadelphia and show that you are as good as you think you are. Come fight the demons of Philly, not for money but for pride, and you will earn true respect. Beating up on weaklings only shows how much of a p**y you are(old mike b proverb):smiley:

dear mike b

Your cocky attitude is probably why nobody likes you. Josh Wigfall is a well-known and respected player. He was top 5 in the world in MvC1, and placed in the top 8 in MvC2 at Evolution 2k3, and second place at ECC. You, on the other hand, are a nobody, and with an attitude like that you always will be. You had to be REMINDED of who Josh is? Why don’t you take your head out of your own ass long enough to hear whats going on outside of Philly, moron. On top of that, who have you beaten that you can give Josh disrespect? ME? Give me a break. You narrowly beat me each time we play, which is pretty pathetic considering I don’t even play anymore and I’m sure you still play 24/7 like a loser. I think Josh and I should just take turns beating your ass and maybe it will shut you up…just like what I finally did to Bryheem at ECC this year. But make no mistake that after reading this crap, you’ll never beat me again, and you sure as hell won’t EVER beat Josh.

Now, go away like the bug you are before you get squashed by somebody much more important and well-known than you. Thanks, buddy.

Infinite: I accept, but I work Friday nights. Only times I have free are Sundays really. We’ll have to figure something out, maybe play at the next Break tourney or something. By the way, I respect you a hell of a lot more than Mike B because you’re not an asshole and you’ve actually beaten some worthy opponents, and you have the guts to accept my challenge

good job -=infinite=- :slight_smile: i been watch from the sidelines time for me to play mvc2 and get pwned by you and the decepticons :lol:
i suck at mvc2 :confused:


“-Young Hov-”

Hey youngbuck “I am nobodys bitch, You are mine, I will be the one! {HOVA}”