10/11 Denjin Arcade & Triumvir's Street Fighter 4 Tournament

On Saturday on October 11th at 4pm, Denjin Arcade and Triumvir will host a Street Fighter 4 Tournament

Entry fee is $5

Pay per play (.25 cents)

Double Elim, best 2/3 & 3/5 on grand finals

Prize payouts from pot is: 60/30/10

There will also be a 3rd Strike tournament at 4pm…Same rules…$5 to enter

Sign ups will start at 3pm

If anyone wants to host tournaments for other games on the same day, feel free to let me know. CvS2, MvC2, GGAC, MB…Virtua Tennis 2 maybe? :wgrin:

Denjin Arcade would like to thank Triumvir for their support in this event. They will be donating limited edition custom Shadaloo x Triumvir gifts to the tournament.

Visit http://www.triumvir3.com

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Good Luck & See you soon!

i want to go to this but i got traffic school 7-4:30… hopefully this will be a normal sf tournament that starts late =p

I will win a free t shirt.


And www.triumvir.com has dropped the Black Shadaloo pack :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time today to explain some of the new techniques used in SF4. I’ll do my best to make it out there on the 11th.

  • Colin

Let’s make 3rd Strike teams this time. Anyone else?

Shogo, would you mind changing your date?

I have a SF4 tournament setup at FFA on 10/11. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=164821

You have a SF4 or 3rd Strike or Marvel or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tournament setup every week.

This isn’t monopoly, so stop taking up every weekend for tournies.

I am for this idea.

3rd strike teams would be fun, lets do it again!

Hope to see everyone there.

i agree for 3s teams


Have some respect for an arcade that’s been around for 30 years and kept 3rd Strike alive in SoCal. I may not work at FFA anymore but we all practically grew up at the place. I know Shogo’s arcade is the new girl in town and she doesn’t need five pounds of makeup and a colon cleansing to look pretty, but this is like slapping your mother in the face.

FFA Tourneys alternate between 3s and SF4. This upcoming tourney is SF4 only. They also posted this weekend’s tourney a week before Denjin did. At the very least, stagger the tourneys so that one starts later than the other.

Rich, Nathan: If you want to work out alternate times like 2pm / 7pm, that’d work for both places, since both arcades aren’t very far apart.

Your Blanka owned me today. :amazed:

ARCADE DRAMA!!!:amazed:

teams would be awesome for 3s. Will be there for both 3s and sf4!


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thats competition

Dear Matt,

Please stop beasting.

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I was willing to push back FFAs SF4 tournament because AI had scheduled one for the same day.

Shogo had done the same, but I’m sure Shogo hadn’t realized that I had posted FFAs tournament a week before this thread. All I ask is that we make some sort of compromise. I know that neither of us want to hold a tournament for the same game at the same time, only about half the people will show up to either one, and that’s not fair to the players.

FFA holding tournaments every weekend is nothing new, as most of you 3s players know. It’s not like I’m holding a 3s tournament every Friday, like we used to. I made sure to stagger it to every other weekend, that way Denjin and FFA can both hold 3s tournaments without stepping on each others toes.

BTW, MattChin, Pepsi and Coke are willing to stagger their competition with each other too. Every other month Pepsi will have a sale, and in between those months Coke will have a sale. They both agreed on that strategy so that they won’t be directly competing with each other. Denjin and FFA should be the same, especially in this kind of business.

I heard that an arcade not too far from FFA (Winnetka Fun Zone) just closed down. This market is fragile right now, and competition between arcades will hurt both of them. None of us want Dave and Busters to be the only arcade to go to.

The kind of respect that Tom (Arlieth) was talking about was not financial or competitive. There’s been a lot of FFA hate going around for no reason. We’ve always worked hard and given stuff up for the players ever since Street Fighter II came out and the fighting game scene started. If you prefer one arcade over another, that’s alright with me and with FFA, but don’t forget about your good times here, and quit treating FFA with hate that it doesn’t deserve.

I can throw the AC tourney. With all the attendees hopefully someone will get the 30 wins finally to get the free soda.

-Tha Hindu