10/09/03 MVC2 @ The Break Results! I win?

Hey the guy who runs the tournament didn’t show up so I was like Phi get your ass over here and run this shit so he did.
about 15 people

  1. Robert Sigley Mag (proj)/Sent (ground)/Juggernaut (belly flop), Mag/IM/Doom
  2. Philong <Asian Last Name> - Storm/Cable/Commando, basically anything you can win with without walking forward
  3. Juan DeCarlo - Rowtron
    some more people (I don’t got the brackets)

Mad props to Juan DeCarlo, we haven’t seen you in a while then you come out of nowhere and get 3rd nice job.

Thanks again to the Rutgers people who came out sorry you guys had to wait.

MVC2 is getting pretty stale so Phi and I thinking about switching things up so post what kind of tourneys you want the break got every game.

Try the new Sammy Side scroller Dolphin, the power is in the S!!

random quote:
someone: I’m not scared of Sanford
me: you should be he’s from the bronx

1st - rob sigley (fcker)
2nd- phi (woohoo)
3rd - juan decarlo (who’s my beeyach?!)
4th - senya miller
5th - tim fitzgerald
5th - fred johnson
7th - omar
7th - erik smith
9th - vinny la guardia
9th - ecquardo (sp) juarez
9th - richie
9th - frank jones
13th-chris carr
13th-alex somebody

-damn had to do all this after training… :mad:
-thanks for posting initial results rob
-still tired
-why am i still typing?
-oh, for future weeklies, the highest ranking players (places the highest) will have higher seeds on the occassional bigger tournaments

Haha WTF??? Its clear rob sigley was starvin last night…

*-Syndicate- *

after my grueling match with juan, i decided to disqualify myself, because rob was so hungry, he would’ve eaten me alive…

someone: sanford said to tell phi that he hates him
someone else: let me get this straight, he tries to scam himself into ecc, gets caught, plays dumb, and in turn, hates phi? woohoo!
yet another person: yeah, it’s phi’s fault, because if he didn’t charge sanford entry fee, he wouldn’t have jumped a turnstyle

yo i had a bad night last night…im really sorry i couldnt get in contact with anyone…i should be there this thursday if im not fired…but ill be there regardless…props to whoever ran the tourney…

good shit rob

Shawn, what happened? Greg still has not called me back.

slammin job so suave, ill try to be at the next one :slight_smile:

and to all you rutgets peeps, keep coming cuz i need competition (i have only been to one small tourney since evo)

im starvin too!!!

Who are 76.92% of these people

Rutgers people freshman I loaded them all into my car and made two trips with them

is there gonna be a tourney tomorrow yo? 10/16