10/07 Cal Poly Pomona Let's Fighting the Challenge! Tournament

Hey all,

The Cal Poly Pomona Games Room, Etc. is hosting another fighting game tournament on Saturday October 7, 2006 at 1 PM. We will open at noon for check-in.

So far, we have MvC2, CvS2, 3S, T5:DR, and KOF XI for the tournament. We’re still deciding on including SC III and SSF2T, since those games don’t have a good turnout here. But if there’s enough demand for them, we’ll include it.

Each game is going to be double elimination. For KOF XI, we’re banning the time released characters for now.

It’s gonna be pay to play and a $5 entrance fee for each game you enter. Cash prizes will be distributed to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for each game.

Official Flyer


anyone plan on goin to this?

Marc, have the arcade tech replace the left side joystick on CvS2. the diagonals are really shitty, and have been for a cpl months.

team g will come through…

Cal Poly is now the Hood I work in…Come through and catch a mean beat down my fuckin corna!!! been on it for years…

Hahaha, yeah, I know, I know. We’ve been telling him this whole summer, but you know how our vendor is. He’ll fix it the day before the tourney. Thanks for the heads up, though.

Hey Gre can you also throw team? Or can I throw a side team tourney? let me know


Hopefully Cal State should make this again. Nice to see more So Cal tourneys

shit aint possible with 1 cab… time constraints just make it too hard.

but yea… ill volunteer to run CvS2 again since i know most of the uglies that play this game anyway.

KOF XI sounds cool, hopefully Im not the only one who shows up.

you will be

Question :

Do you have an XI machine at the game room ?
If so, I really would like to go there, and try to play some new peeps besides the same old boring mexicans Im used to.
Like at what day/time I could find some comp.

Btw, does anyone know whats the button layout and the sticks used ?


DarkPrince: I want to try that too, but like Nam said, it ain’t gonna happen with just one cabinet. Maybe I can convince our vendor to bring in some extras for the tournament but the way things work, it probably isn’t gonna happen.

**roconchatumare: ** Our button layout is like this:

135 o LP HP EX
24x r LK HK

Our sticks are the ones without the knob on the top, and they’re more on the tight side. The buttons are caved out like the Japanese cabinets, but they feel sturdier. Most of our KOF XI players come in around 11 AM and usually stay until 2 PM, with maybe one or two guys hanging around until 4 PM. I told a few of our KOF players about the tourny, and they’re interested in joining. One of them’s a female. I’ve been told that she was kicking the crap out of everybody at Anime Expo, but then again, that was at AX.

Sounds great.

Im gonna go this Tuesday around 11am then.

Btw, do you know where I can find free parking ?
Last time I was at Poly was on EVO 2004, so I dont remember excatly where the gameroom was located or the best place to park.

This sounds pretty interesting. I have been in AI and SA, and I couldnt play there because of the button layout …

I really hope I meet new peeps and good comp this tuesday then.


Oh yeah, sign me up for that tourney :smiley:

What Marc meant to say is

most of the KOF XI players are fobs, and none of them are really good.

In fact, id say a good majority of them are mashers and anyone actually wanting to come to Cal Poly to play KOF XI would be wasting their time.


School doesnt start till the 21st… just an FYI.

No prob.

At least I will get the highest wining streak record in the machine.


Yeah, I should’ve mentioned that school doesn’t start until this Thursday. If you come here this Tuesday, nobody’s gonna be here. But we’ll be open though from 11 AM til 3 PM.

Yeah, I tried out the layout at AI and SA, and it just didn’t work out for me either. Well, maybe because I’m just used to our layout. It’s also the layout I use on NeoRAGE/Kawaks.

As for parking, it should be free on Saturday. If you wanna park free on the weekdays, you have to park along the street on Temple Ave. Just expect there to be alot of cars on Temple Ave. I’ll try to edit a map of our campus to show you where to go.

Hey man, I’m tryin to get people to come for KOF XI :mad: :razz:

Is there gonna be an ST Tournament?

Well, if you 4 guys will join then we’ll add ST to the tournament.