10/07 Cal Poly Pomona Let's Fighting the Challenge! Tournament results

Again, I want to thank everybody who came out to the tournament. I especially want to thank Nm, Bill, Charles, and whoever else helped out with running the brackets. You guys helped me keep my sanity. Anyways, here’s the results:


  1. Dart
  2. Nguyen
  3. Brian’s K’
  4. John
  5. K4
  6. SexI
  7. Bao
  8. Stephanie
  9. Jago
  10. Yonkami
  11. Christian
  12. BobiNo

T5: DR

  1. BobiNo
  2. Strippers and Beer
  3. Charles
  4. Ricky
  5. SexI
  6. Jago
  7. Devil Jin & Juice
  8. John
  9. James
  10. Matt
  11. Ray
  12. Sebastian
  13. Ryan
  14. Suiken User
  15. Jamgi
  16. Jan


  1. Ace
  2. Eric
  3. Matt
  4. Norm
  5. Sean
  6. SexI
  7. David
  8. Mike
  9. Jonathan
  10. Ricky
  11. Frank
  12. BobiNo


  1. Bill
  2. Dark Prince
  3. Reset
  4. ClockwØrk
  5. JAL
  6. Ace
  7. Potter
  8. Tong G (Havok?)
  9. Nam
  10. Thomas
  11. Mike
  12. Deathwish
  13. ATrueVato
  14. Edgar
  15. Gilbert

SF3: 3S

  1. SexI
  2. Reset
  3. Sebastian
  4. Hai
  5. Potter
  6. JAL
  7. Ryan
  8. Jon
  9. Bean
  10. Johnathan
  11. Clonez
  12. Matt
  13. Phil
  14. Brendon
  15. Marcus
  16. Jeremy
  17. Ricky
  18. Bill
  19. Stanley


  1. JAL
  2. ClockwØrk
  3. Nam
  4. Eric
  5. Matt
  6. Potter
  7. Hai
  8. Bean
  9. Sex!
  10. Brendon
  11. Stanley
  12. Dentron
  13. Keith
  14. Khristian
  15. Bill
  16. Marcus
  17. Jon
  18. David
  19. Phil
  20. Sean
  21. Havok

I didn’t get some of your guys’ handles so if you want your handle up there instead of your name, just let me know. I’m gonna come back and look this over cuz I think I messed up somewhere and I gotta get to class.

Copy and paste from the announcement thread: Anyways, feedback is always welcome. We wanna know what you guys think of the new layout of the Games Room (having all the fighting games in the back). We wanna know if there’s any games you wanna see in the next tourney, like SC3 and HF or even games we don’t have like Melty Blood, Fist of the North Star, or GGXX Slash. Are you guys down for having a Winner Takes All format. You can PM us or e-mail us at [email protected] . Or just talk to me directly in the Games Room since I’m usually in there. I’m planning to host another one next month, but I gotta talk with the managers about it.

good shit to everyone I know, jal, bill, potta, reset, nam, some other guys

gg’s to everyone sorry for showing up so damn late fucking traffic thx bill justin n nick for holding the brackets next time ill b on time pz


sup marc, this is ace =]

thanks for running the tourney… everything was smooth and finished fast!

damn Keith got 13th again? Gotta step up your game ho.

good shit to sebastian, albert, nam, clock, matt, and ken.

Hey, thanks for running this tourney Marc, it was a lot of fun! GGs to everyone I played in every game. Nam, good shit in CVS2, our matches are always so close! I’ll try to step it up for next time though. Ace, good shit in ST, your Rog is too good! We left the last game at 1-1 rounds, but it’s all good, I think you had to play Marvel anyway. See you guys at the next one!

yeah, thanks motherfucker.

ggs to reset, ken i, jal, potter, bill and everyone else. you ran things very smoothly marc.

damn i really need to practice more

Is the Ricky in a few of the standings Ricky Ortiz? If so, I guess he didn’t enter CvS2?

ricky ortiz did not attend this tournament because he lives in norcal and it would be a waste to drive down…

anyway, thank you marc for throwing a smooth tournament once again. i was really, REALLY happy that the cvs2 sticks were so nice. it’s been a while where i’ve been to a tournament and the sticks worked perfectly.

good shit to all the people i played in 3s, cvs2, mvc2. i hate clockwork when it comes to mvc2.

good shit to bill for winning mvc2. UNDISPUTED CHAMP AT TALKING SHIT AND BACKING IT UP WITH MSS-DRONES! two first places that belong to the dips. =]

marc, if gameroom gets ggxx slash im going to fail all my classes this quarter…

…so hurry and go get it!

wow good shit to JAL, Bill and Ace fr holding it down.

Ace your Rog is cheap =P

What happened to Mike in st and MARVEL?!??!?!

mss-drones>cal poly

o yea and thx for running a rlly smooth tournament finished fast n went nice even wen i showed up late haha but yea gg’s and did anyone record these? thought i saw sumone with a cam …:confused:

whos fucking crazy!!!

what was clock playing in cvs2?

Good shit Reset!

Alright guys, we are planning to throw another one next month (November). Right now, we’re thinking about throwing it on Nov. 11, which is the Saturday of Veteran’s Day weekend. It’s just a tentative date right now, so let us know if it’s a good or bad day to host it for you guys. Hopefully, we’ll be getting GG Slash in time, and since our SC3 machine is finally stable, we’ll probably throw it in as well.

good shit to the dips
bill is sick man