1/8/2011 Richmond,VA Caroline Rose Hummel Memorial Tournament Results Thread!

First off, thanks to EVERYONE who came out and donated. We raised over 600$ for SIDS.org and a memorial for caroline.

Special props go to Chris Adams (who bid 50$ on Dan), and John from SC who donated 50$ as well.

On to results

SSFIV (Character Auction)

  1. Moose (Boxer)
  2. LUD (Sakura)
    Tie 3 Ryry (Makoto) John A (chun)

Every character was selected. The highest bids were 50$ for Dan Hibiki and 35$ for M.Bison.

SSFIV singles

  1. Moose (from losers)
  2. LUD
  3. Ryry
  4. Zerp?


  1. Renegade (WTF?)
  2. Keninblack
  3. Everett


  1. Moose/Renegade


  1. Ryry
  2. Renegade
  3. DSinnie


  1. Strogg
  2. Other guy

Puzzle Fighter

  1. Gummo
  2. Strogg


  1. Zerp

Full 3s Results:

16 Players

  1. Robin (CH)
  2. keninblack (DU) (KE) (NE)
  3. Everett (UR)
  4. Nick (RY)
  5. JonnyQuest (MA)
  6. Strogg (UR)
  7. Melvin (CH)
  8. Colin (RE)
  9. John A (CH)
  10. Program (Q) (CH)
  11. Alex T (KE)
  12. Mike O (DU)
  13. David T (Q)
  14. Corey C (KE)
  15. Chris A (dq’d)
  16. Joey C (dq’d)

Posted it in the other thread so here you go! :smiley:

Sorry I couldn’t make it out to this, I was in tampa for business and couldn’t make it back to va until Saturday evening. Sounds like it was a great time for a great cause.

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I for one had a great time even thought I had to leave and never officially was knocked out of the tourney!!! But It was great to see everyone come out for a great cause…thats how you know who your friends really are…Im looking foward to the next one and hopefully next month we can do something after marvel 3 comes out…And for anyone interested in coming to winterbrawl just let me know…I will be getting a hotel just like all the times before…

Thx again to everyone who came out it was an awesome tourny hopefully we can make this a yearly thing. Yo Chris u’m trying to go to winter brawl too gotta get the time off from my new job though. my bro,mole and driver also wanna come so lemme know how much space you have

Yeah was a fun time. The character auction was definitely the highlight for me and as chronos has mentioned driver and I would like to go to winterbrawl.

Bison was $40.00


  1. RyRy
  2. Strogg

While i still remember them

CVS2 Full Results
4.Adam Lane

Top 8 Character Auction
4.John A.(Chun-Li)
8.Andrew Lane(Dee Jay)
wish i knew the teams everyone played in CVS2 but can’t remember i played C-Vega/Cammy/R2Sagat

Had a great time at this, glad a few MD guys came down to represent (and keeping me awake on the drive down lol). Shoutouts to the event space for not kicking us out immediately at 10, it was a pretty cool place and I would’ve stuck around for the show if I didn’t have a plane to catch first thing in the morning…

Great time as always and glad it was a great success. Met some great players and I learned a lot. Thanks again, Richmond. Take care.

For CvS2 I played C-Ryu/Kyo/R2Terry
For 3S I played Ryu w/SA1.
For SSFIV I played Guile.
For SSFIV Character Auction I also played Guile. Think it was $11 but I’m not sure.

Any chance of full results for SSFIV?

Also interested.

I would like full results as well i can hope for a bracket but i know that wont come :[
on a side note how many of us actually bought bands for the onamonawateva concert?

Winback - parry trainer/top 3 gatekeeper