1/4 block auto-block and 1/6 block auto throw tech: effective destruction of SFxT

And none of them are made by Capcom.

I don’t like it either. But playing a game based on it’s art direction is pretty stupid.

Yeah, original block and tech gems are okay. The new ones are clearly good replacements for less meter but gameplay wise, they might net a few more blocks and techs but you can still do other things to deal damage and go around it.

It’s not like those gems automatically cancel any animation and block/tech… it’s time people learn to whiff punish and properly footsie in this game. Standing half a screen away whiffing normals nowhere near the opponent, which is 80% of my online matches, is the wrong idea of footsies in a fighting game. Seriously.

It has nothing to do with Capcom. This has to do with a certain aspect of the game. The rest of the game is perfectly fine in play.

And not liking a game based on art direction is perfectly fine as well. Why didn’t the rest of the players pick up older anime games to play? Oh wait, it’s too pedophile looking but the game play is great. Arcana Heart? Melty Blood? Blazblue?

Most of the characters in SG have their racks hanging out and half of them are under age. Perverts and pedophiles play this game.

Hypocrites all over this board. lol.

Except they really do ruin “Real” footsies since as I mentioned above, you can now walk forward into a footsie with a buffered move and punish it. The walk blocking that these gems allow is in my opinion the aspect that makes them destructive to the game in a way even the best defensive turtle player is not.

You said other people chose not to play AH / MB / BB (I played AH and MB). You aren’t a hypocrite when other people do things you disagree with. Shouldn’t throw around meaningless words.

It’s pretty stupid to play something you’re going to hate to look at.

I guess if you’re okay with banging 2s and 3s because they play like 10s… well then I fully support you. Not me however.

You just related sex and video games and failed at

  1. making a point 2. looking like a cool-guy

So let them burn it. Think of their meter as a trade off for your chip damage which is second best to just them taking chip damage and losing no meter.

We want to care about results. We don’t want to care why or how we got the results.

I think that principle matters more in this game.

seriously. how can you not see that these gems are bad for the game?

it’s not something you should try to defend in any way

People here can make up their minds about what games they want to play. You don’t see other gamers shouting down your throat to play their games you don’t play just because they don’t like your games.

If you want to advertise the game, go ahead. But at least do it in a respectful way.

I like the boost gems in general. All the damage, health, and defense is too uniform in this game. They’re needed to give teams variety and synergy optimization. They said straight up the game is balanced off gems. But we’re talking about assist gems. I don’t like these either. I just don’t feel they are as overbearing as it looks since there’s also new boost gems out.

Except if you have an unsafe special or chain buffered you are going to eat a 400-600 damage punish in exchange for. . . one dp worth of chip.

It was a rhetorical question.

My final post here, I just feel there’s overreaction to these gems. Auto block and tech aren’t end all be all for defense. That’s all I’m saying. There’s obviously a standard to adhere to if you’re competing offline but online is just all out. I guess play around it or just play with people you know.

It’s over. Can we please go back to playing SSF4 AE? After playing this pile of fail, I don’t think I’ll think twice or care if I get mashed or scrubbed out by an ultra.

I am not soloing you out.

You see there are 2 type of new players and they fall into the same 2 types of casual players.

  1. Those that want to see the guy with fireballs kick the shit out of the dancing bear.
    -These folks are the true definition of new/casual. They have little regard for defense and they love all the action and chaos.

  2. Those that watch Internet footage, and decide to buy the game on Monday (never playing fighters mind you) and expect to have a high win ratio and be tournament worthy on Friday.
    -These folks tend to not have fun in games and just play to win. They feel entitlement, and want things spoon fed and handed to them.They also are the true definition of new/casual player

Both of these examples can have a player decide to put work in, become serious and become good players, the other portion of these players will sell/shelf the game.

I have no problem with this type of player. Fighting game fans with experience have all come from this method. Learning the deeper methods, trial by fire and taking your licks.

But damn Capcom for putting broken gimmicks in their game (Auto Gems). Damn Capcom for disrespecting me as a gamer, as a fighting game enthusiast, and as a person for thinking I have an IQ of 5 and am a retarded, brain dead chimp that need this trash to feel good about myself/my game.

Capcom will start getting my respect when they start respecting me and eliminate the need to put the Auto-Win features in their titles.

Players that use this garbage and consider themselves good or the top of anything will never get my respect.

This is the real problem. If you autoblock certain moves you get such an amazing return. You gain a bar or close to it from a resulting combo and the autoblock/autotech shenanigans begin anew.

When you pair these gems with players who are already skilled at blocking and teching the shenanigans become even worse. Tiers become even more full of outliers in the low and high tier department.

If you can autoblock while walking forward I wonder if you can just walk through fireballs and punish them, heh. Probably not since there is a guardstop animation.

i’m talking specificlly about these new assist gems. they are bad and should not be defended in any way shape or form

considering that online has them, and thats the main training tool for maybe 90% of players, they are going to be deal breakers for a lot of people.

Agreed. I just meant to say, play around and against it. There’s no way to filter out people using them online otherwise. But I don’t feel that should deter people from play what I feel is a pretty good game. So it’s not as deep as AE2012 is, but that game had time to develop. If Infiltration’s replays are any indication, no fucks need to be given against people that use Assist gems. They don’t cover everyones ass.

Just a couple of points you made which I don’t agree with. The blue sparks don’t teach them anything that they wouldn’t have learned if they’d eaten a combo. If you see a spark its just a reminder that you don’t have to worry as much about blocking. You lose health and you gain that instinctive fear of losing health and so you don’t do it again, you still know you should have blocked and you did something wrong. If you want to teach your child a lesson and give them a little smack on the hand then you don’t put a pillow there to take the impact. They learn from the stinging pain on the back of their hand. Giving a player that shield stops them from learning their lesson properly, especially when its at the expense of a really insignificant amount of EX too. Capcom aren’t onto anything that a diminishing health bar doesn’t already do.

1/6th for a throw tech? You get that back in like 1 punch. As if the game wasn’t already dying from time outs, Capcom release this to help players acheive T’s even more. Block and tech for little metre and also the 130+ fortitude?!! Imagine that on a runaway Dhalsim (a big timeout culprit), you get in on him and you try to throw him and he auto techs it then away he goes again, or you combo him but hes got +330 health worth of fortitude activating, or you get to him and he just auto blocks and is then free to teleport away again. Its just going to be TTT every game, its almost like Namco paid Capcom to build a Tekken Tag Tournament advert for them and SFxT is the result.