1/3 Of All Spam Comes From One Guy

And he is russian

Apparantly the russian cops busted somebody like him in October, and 20% of spam stopped being sent over the interwebs.
Seriously, If I found out a dude I knew was mass spamming the world, I would break kneecaps

Thats fucking insane, I dont even have a comment other then that guy is a tremendous douche bag.

i misread shit, and editted. The guy who got busted was some other guy back in October. Fucker made like 120 million dollars in one year spamming people with viagra messages though

Why? He’s not harming anybody. If you click on spam or don’t have any preventive measures in place(how hard is it to install adblock?) then you pretty much deserve it. I have my e-mail address and I don’t get any spam; I don’t use it willy-nilly.

Are you serious!?!?! fuck I’m in the wrong job!

Why because it’s annoying as hell. Just like why mods on boards don’t tolerate it.

I remember a couple years ago a bunch of hackers discovered the name and address of one of the biggest spam guys and they signed him up for EVERYTHING. Dude had like 3 UPS trucks in his driveway and everything in the trucks was for him. Was hilarious.

I think I’d just say gimme 20% and I won’t turn you in. Spamming that much would make you millions

It’s advertisement. You think spam would exist in a socialist society? No, because there would be no conditions for it.

spam also wastes electricity, don’t forget. Thats a lot of resources being wasted by one dude.

But seriously, my hotmail account is pretty much dead to me these days. I haven’t sent a single email from it in years, because it’s too annoying dealing with the mass amount of spam I’ve accumulated over the years.

My email addy is rarely given out to anybody

And? DVD players in standby mode waste electricity and there is no substantive reason for it other than convenience.

Ads make you rich.

its a waste of network bandwidth and CPU cycles. spam needs to die. i propose death penalty for spammers. no one will miss them.

Actually it’s invasive advertisement. There’s a difference.

1/3 = 33.3%

20% is still massive, considering how much spam people get daily.

All advertisements are invasive.

No, no their not.

whoa partner dope thread. but 20% does not equal 33% you mean 1/5

awww shiiiiit we got rationals up in this motherfucka

A hundred and twenty million? Damn, there are a LOT of limp dick suckers.