1/25 Family Fun MvC2 Results

MvC2 Singles:

  1. SooMighty - Sent/Storm/Cap, MSP
  2. Potts - Storm/Sent/Cyc, Mag/Storm/Tron
  3. Julius Jackson - WM/IM/Doom
  4. The Danksta - Storm/Sent/Cyc

MvC2 team:

  1. Potts/Soo
  2. Chris/Anthony
  3. Eroc/Ed Ma
  4. Amir/Kent
  5. DC Static/DonaldDuckTM
  6. Pierre/Andre
  7. PartyBoy/Craig
  8. Bori/Lawrence

notes: soo and potter win pretty easily. chris and anthony from nor cal were pretty impressive.

Soo wins another tournament…dope.

Can’t wait to play/chill with this guy again at ECC/EVO.

oh shit chirs/anton holdin it down

gj chris and anton =]

ey dan, i fucked up today. i wasn’t playing well. it was koo meeting you.

Thanks for keeping our team alive all the way to third Eroc. I suck at Marvel.

gg’s erryone.
finals were fun until the second set :frowning:

good shit to the winners especially my son

too broke to make it out :frowning:

i hope you so cal heads can make it to Nor cal regionals 2.:smiley:

           i don't think they might dude, besides da sticks suck hella bad and they keep getting fixed, but someone keeps fuckin' up da machine. I am going to tell them to switch it to a better cabinet cuz that cabinet is too damn old. anyway good shit potter and soo:cool: 


the sticks arent that bad they just need a little work. they are P 360’s that are aging.

they need some spacers to make them less long

The tourney was pretty fun, we’ll prolly be down there again soon.

ggs to all

~ Chris

        exactly + da buttons get broken sometimes
  and i still think they should move marvel to like a good, good cabinet:lol: